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Taxes Extended, CashCall Not

Busy day (and night). Had to go to downtown to take care of some urgent business. Bought some extra filing cabinets and storage supplies from our local West Sacramento IKEA for wife to organize paperwork. Still working. Quick update:


My accountant filed for a tax extension with the IRS. Now we have 6 more months to finish organizing the accounting. With all the crazy adventures, property dealings and travels form 2006 this has been a very overwhelming task. So overwhelming that we’ve been procrastinating. The task has been shuffled between me and my wife several times, neither one of feeling motivated enough to finish it. We cannot let this continue and come October we’re in the same boat. We must start working on it.

If anything I’m very curious to see exactly where all the money went that we borrowed. I believe most of it was used for repairs, real estate related travel and seminars. However, it would be nice to have it broken down by property. Also I can show everybody how little we spent on “frivolous” stuff, dining out, etc. That should silence the critics.


This really sucks. Here is why. I worked hard “dancing around like a monkey” all night long and raised $378 from donations and sent in the payment to CashCall to get my 2 month extension on payments.

Well, CashCall then sent me a contract that I was supposed to sign and return within 48 hours or the deal is off. I didn’t remember hearing anything about the 48 hour time frame. I did get the contract but I delayed sending it because we went out of town that Sunday for a week. After I come back I kind of forgot about the contract. Then I get a call from CashCall a couple of days again and they want their money.

I was surprised so I told them I have a deal. They check the notes and they said the deal is off since I never returned the paperwork. I explained the situation but they were unwilling to honor the original deal. They said if I make another payment they can check with the work-out department to see if they would be willing to give me that deal again but there are no guarantees the second time around. I asked to talk to another rep to see if we can work something out. But the response I’ve been getting is that I will have to make another payment now bofore proceeding.

So basically that $220 (plus Money Gram fees) I sent was kind of a waste because it didn’t accomplish anything. I’m still behind and they are going to send it to legal any day now.

It’s probably mostly my fault because I should have read that contract right away to see if there are any timeframes. My weakness in the area of logistics is getting me in trouble again.

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