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All You Have to Do Is Ask. Sweet!

Wow… I’m blown away! What a blessing!

After last post and the email blast to my mailing list I received an overwhelming positive response! I already had like 700 emails to process, now I’m going to have several hundred more to go through. But there is gold in my inbox… so it’s all good!

Sweet links are selling like hot cakes! At only $100/mo plus $25 placement fee, I sold 4 right away. Though the payment is still pending on the first one.

There are only 6 left and I have a bunch of people interested. The sponsors are excited to be helping out and riding the bandwagon of exposure (positive or negative – it’s all good) stats

Update: this testimonial just came in from Sweet Link holder in position #1: QuickEStore E-commerce Software:

You will not be disappointed. Casey just put my link up a couple days ago and I am getting over 100 referrals a day, easy. You can’t buy that kind of traffic anywhere else for $100 a month. He’ll charge you $125 the first month, then $100 a month after that. You’d be crazy not to jump on this! The attached shows referrals from Casey’s site.

Update #2: I misspelled Housing Panic link and it was broken at first. Also, I was supposed to make the link read: HP’ers hate Casey Serin too. (Sorry ’bout that. Oh and if I get a little more money, I can get HP in the Sweet Links).


Offering Premium Advertising and Reviews. Just updated the pricing and benefits to give more value to the advertisers. Have some people already interested in the $500/mo spot and reviews.

Keep in mind… I pretty much let anybody advertise in the Sweet Links (as long as it’s clean). The premium spots will be available only for products or services that can help people in foreclosure or anything related to foreclosure. So, I will accept stuff on the topics of Real Estate and Real Estate Investing, Mortgages, Foreclosure Prevention, Debt Management, Personal Finance, etc..

On top of that…

Got a bunch of consulting jobs… too many!

On one I already received a $300 deposit on a job that requires setting up a blog, training the person how to blog effectively and helping out with marketing. I have an internal rate of about $75/hour.

The job is going to call for ongoing work, probably 2-3 hours per day. Maybe more maybe less. We’ll see. Now I just have to set aside time and give the person great service and value for the money.

From the emails already went through I already have several other contract job offers in my email box. Things like PHP and database work and other stuff.

Anybody interested in contract work? If yes, send me your resume and maybe I can hook you up.

So I am..

Right on track toward $1,000 by Friday!

Already have 682.95 in my PayPal account. Sweet! Keep in mind, I still need to do the work for the $300 deposit that came in for blog consulting. Also there is one uncleared payment for sweet link #1. Should be clearing any day. I gave the guy a favor and put the link up anyway, since he was my first sweet link advertiser.

Also, thanks to Keith of HousingPanic Blog for a payment of $52. Check out the Housing Panic Blog for great commentary on the housing bubble, real estate news and plenty of “attitude”. By the way, HousingPanic is where I got one of my first waves of exposure (even though it was pretty negative). But hey, it’s all good, and thanks to Keith for the payment.

If you want to make a one-time sponsorship payment, use the payment button in the sidebar. You will be mentioned on the Sponsor page and I may even mention you in my regular post (if I feel like it and/or the payment amount makes sense to do so).


Thanks to everybody who responded to my mailing list update (especially regarding the big deals). Please be patient as I respond back to all the email and phone calls.

Last thing…

Personal info: as per my agreement with my wife, I have to be VERY careful now to keep my wife off the blog and be careful about revealing stuff that’s too personal. That applies to comments. I’m gonna start being very strict with comment moderation.

In fact I’m going to disable instant comments for now because some of you guys have been crossing the line…. I don’t have time to police it anymore and there has been a lot of bad stuff the fell through the cracks already.

I need more help with comment moderation. My previous attempt to recruit moderators didn’t go over well. So I’m trying again. If you can help me out, please email me and tell me why you can be trusted to do this important job.

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