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Facing Foreclosure As Seen on TV and San Francisco Chronicle

Here is some media coverage of “I am Facing Foreclosure .com” from last week. Both the TV and the newspaper coverage is a good recap of my story – for those who haven’t read the rest of the blog yet. First, San Francisco KRON Chanel 4. Thanks to Maureen Kelly for coming out to Sacramento […]

Larchmont Foreclosure Sold at $199K after Failed Short Sale

[Banks lost at least $130,000 on me. Talk about my consequences on the show and comments here.] Some of you already know about this, but the Larchmont REO property was sold by the bank for $199,000 on May 11th. See the provided MLS screenshot. I lost the Larchmont property to foreclosure on February 27th, 2007. […]

New Mexico Home Foreclosure is Final

New Mexico home no more… The original foreclosure sale was rescheduled due to a fairly rare snowstorm. I was happy to get extra time to get the short sale approved. The lender wasn’t willing to talk to us though. So the home went up for sale at the foreclosure auction yesterday. Today I found out […]

From the “Publisher” of Casey’s Foreclosure Book…

[Begin guest post from the “Publisher”] Warning: this will be a lengthy post, but will answer many questions people are dying to know. In light of Casey shutting down his blog, turning it back on, his last several posts and people’s comments, the need for many clarifications are apparent. Casey had asked me to create […]

Dallas Finally in Escrow… I Think

Wow… this took a lot of back-n-forth but I finally have a cash buyer for the Angleridge Dallas property. It went into escrow today, but there are still a couple of issues. I will have to tell you the history on this deal another day – why I bought it, what went wrong, how I […]

Motley Fool: Greed Makes You Stupid

Here is an article about me in Motley Fool from about two weeks ago. It was written right after I took the blog down for a couple of days. I just recently found the article and want to re-post it here. I think it’s pretty interesting. The author thinks I am just greedy flipper. 24 […]

Banned from Google for Click Fraud

You may have noticed there are no more ads on this blog. That’s because my Google AdSense account was disabled yesterday for violating the terms of service: Hello Casey Serin, It has come to our attention that invalid clicks and/or impressions have been generated on the Google ads on your site(s). We have therefore disabled […]

Casey Serin Facing Foreclosure on Wikipedia – a Defense

I’ve been watching the Casey Serin entry in Wikipedia get written over the last couple of months. It’s obviously written by my critics but they say they are trying to keep an “encyclopedic tone” (see the discussion tab). The problem I have is that the entry is highly skewed toward making me look bad. So […]

All You Have to Do Is Ask. Sweet!

Wow… I’m blown away! What a blessing! After last post and the email blast to my mailing list I received an overwhelming positive response! I already had like 700 emails to process, now I’m going to have several hundred more to go through. But there is gold in my inbox… so it’s all good! Sweet […]

Nine to Five at My Rich Dad’s Office

Blogging for the first time from the office My high school friend, Rich Dad’s son Yesterday, was my first full day at my Rich Dad’s new office. He just bought a larger office building to expand operations. I was offered free office space and mentoring. There is no salary but I will get commission for […]

Investor Found Buyer to Stop Foreclosure on Burdett Way House

Zack, the real estate investor from Land Mark Property Solutions of San Francisco Bay Area gave me some good news yesterday. He has been helping me stop foreclosure by getting a short sale approved on the Burdett Way Sacramento house. Zack offered 200 but the lender would only go down to 248 on a short […]

The Foreclosure Code – Coming Soon

Here is the title and cover of my foreclosure book coming out July 2007: Want to Review My Foreclosure Book BEFORE it’s Released to the General Public? Enter Your First Name Enter Your Email In the book I will be talking about my background, how I got started, details of each real estate deals, and […]

Stop Modesto Foreclosure via Short Sale, But No Promissory!

Spoke with agent working to stop my foreclosure in Modesto, California. We spoke about the status of the short sale offer. The rep at the bank finally got back to my short sale agent and said they may want me to sign a promissory note in order to get this short sale approved and stop […]

Pool Maintenance in Foreclosure

If you’re facing foreclosure, you know that sinking money into any kind of maintenance is the last thing on your mind. Especially when you don’t live in the property and the property is 75 miles away. The last time I visited that property was sometime in October or November of last year. Here is how […]