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Yes, I Lied on My Loans!

No more excuses! It’s true. I lied on my loans.

I overstated my income, and misrepresented my owner-occupied status and concealed the cash-back-at-close from the bank. I knew it all along. Nobody made me do it. It was my fault. I take full responsibility. And, that’s how I originally started this blog.

But then… I started to spin it.

First I though I will be some kind of “whistle blower” – exposing the industry, bad real estate gurus, etc. I then realized how stupid that was – I have no expertise or credibility to expose anything. I am guilty myself.

Second, I tried blaming the banks. They made these loans so easy to get, so it’s their fault. WRONG! Easy or not, a lie is a lie! I am guilty and should not try to weasel out of it.

That was WRONG and STUPID.

I want to apologize to all my friends, associates and readers of this blog.

What started as an honest attempt to write about my situation turned into a spinning act and subtle blame shifting.

I even went back and edited some of my earlier posts to make myself sound better. I am truly sorry I let myself fall into that. I will be restoring my posts to the original version later today or tomorrow.

[UPDATE: I restored my first post and added some good detail. That’s where I first mentioned “liar loans”. Check it out: Why I am Facing Foreclosure. ]

Now what??

  • No more lying to cover up old lies.
  • No more blaming – I did it
  • No more spinning and trying to make myself look better
  • I take full responsibility
  • I will pay whatever price I must
  • I will do whatever I must do to MAKE IT RIGHT!
  • And… No More Ads!. I need to cover my hosting bill, so I can stay online and help more people with my story.

So… I lied on my loans. I got over-extended. I am facing foreclosure. The lenders stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars over my mistakes. My questions to you is….

What can I do to make it right?

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