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May 22nd, 2007

Sweet Links Sold Out – $2,255.99 EARNED So Far!

Tuesday Earnings Screenshot

Wow… Last couple of days, have been crazy! Basically, every time I checked my email there was money! That was really nice for a change. I’ve been busy answering questions and filling Sweet Link orders as well as taking sponsor payments. Sweet Links sold out earlier today with still more orders in the pipeline!

As much as I didn’t want to turn away money I decided to enforce my promise to keep the Sweet Links to 10 positions at this point. This way all the advertisers gets full value. If you didn’t grab your Sweet Link in time, email me to get on a waiting list. It’s well worth the money.

American Foreclosure Specialists is my first official Recommended (Premium) sponsor. They offer to avoid or stop foreclosure by working with your bank on your behalf. Free consultation is available.

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