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Finances Out of Control

[Bank account screenshot removed, here is why]

As you can see, my bank account isn’t doing too good right now. The 5k insurance money from the auto accident is pretty much all gone now. We did buy a cheap replacement car for $3200:



The left over amount was supposed to fix the problems with the car. But instead we had to use the money to pay rent and to live on.

I still owe $2200 to my friend, and about $2000 to the in-laws. My parents have been helping us from time to time as well. It’s embarrassing. Don’t forget about the $140,000 in unsecured debt too. Some of those accounts are going on 120 days late. My secured lenders are also going to take a huge hit on me stopping foreclosure with short sales. I still want to pay it all back, one way or another, without declaring bankruptcy if possible.

I thank God for Chris for giving me a real estate job. I haven’t received any money from him yet but the promise of stability is already making me feel better.

We need to get on a super strict budget. We have already been living frugally but we can do more. Time to stop going out to coffee/juice/burritos so much. We catch ourselves dining out as a way to relief stress. But that makes it worse and causes more stress.

With all the craziness and stress we haven’t been keeping a good account of where the money is going. Some of our stuff is on auto-draft and money just disappears every time we log in. Currently our account is negative and the daily over-draft fees are killing us:

[Bank account screenshot removed, here is why]


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