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Very Honest “For Sale By Owner” Sign

Honest For Sale By Owner Sign

My For Sale by Owner sign for Muncy Modesto property with I am Facing Foreclosure. com address and my phone number.

I’m really putting myself out there and taking a risk by being honest about my situation. Hopefully people will sense the urgency and help find me a buyer.

I was a little embarrassed putting up this sign. Good thing I was there mid-day and nobody saw me. Although, after I put it up and started leaving I saw a neighbor from across the street go over to pick up a flyer.

Buyers may try to exploit my weakness. They tell you to negotiate from your strength, right? Is being honest = weak? I don’t know. I don’t really want to negotiate anyway. My terms are pretty straight forward. I just want some cash and walk away.

I will need to put on a thick skin. This may cause me to become the talk of the neighborhood. People might laugh, criticize or ridicule. The concerned parents of teenage or 20-something kids will tell their kids “See! This is what happens when you take dumb risks!“. Some may think “Facing Foreclosure .com” is just a ploy to make a sale.

I don’t care… I’m desperate.

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