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New Mexico Home Foreclosure is Final

New Mexico home no more… The original foreclosure sale was rescheduled due to a fairly rare snowstorm. I was happy to get extra time to get the short sale approved. The lender wasn’t willing to talk to us though. So the home went up for sale at the foreclosure auction yesterday. Today I found out […]

Facing Foreclosure As Seen on TV and San Francisco Chronicle

Here is some media coverage of “I am Facing Foreclosure .com” from last week. Both the TV and the newspaper coverage is a good recap of my story – for those who haven’t read the rest of the blog yet. First, San Francisco KRON Chanel 4. Thanks to Maureen Kelly for coming out to Sacramento […]

Dallas Finally in Escrow… I Think

Wow… this took a lot of back-n-forth but I finally have a cash buyer for the Angleridge Dallas property. It went into escrow today, but there are still a couple of issues. I will have to tell you the history on this deal another day – why I bought it, what went wrong, how I […]

Casey Serin Facing Foreclosure on Wikipedia – a Defense

I’ve been watching the Casey Serin entry in Wikipedia get written over the last couple of months. It’s obviously written by my critics but they say they are trying to keep an “encyclopedic tone” (see the discussion tab). The problem I have is that the entry is highly skewed toward making me look bad. So […]

Stop Modesto Foreclosure via Short Sale, But No Promissory!

Spoke with agent working to stop my foreclosure in Modesto, California. We spoke about the status of the short sale offer. The rep at the bank finally got back to my short sale agent and said they may want me to sign a promissory note in order to get this short sale approved and stop […]

Revisiting Old Mistakes

First the pyramid scheme… Apparently people are really eager to dig up whatever dirt they can on me. So in the comments I noticed several people referring to my money making scheme on Newsnet from way back in 1997. I was surprised myself when I saw this. I vaguely remember it. I was 14 years […]

Hard Money Lender Approved Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

I’ve been in contact with the hard money lender for my Dallas property. I told him I have this buyer from New York City but he is taking a while to close. We have escrow open but I still don’t have a closing date from him! The auction is coming up on November 7th so […]

Property Photos and Info

I took the time to find pictures for all the properties and update some of the loan information. Take a look. I’m still facing foreclosure, so let me know if you have any buyers for me. Thanks. Burdett Way, Sacramento CA Larchmont Dr, North Highlands CA Muncy Dr, Modesto CA W 10250 N, Highland UT […]

House Raffle Sign-Up and Brainstorm

A couple of people suggested doing a “raffle” to sell my houses quickly. If you are interested in participating please use the signup form below or in the sidebar. If you have some ideas please post your comments here or email me. To pull this off I will need everybody’s help. Once I am ready […]

My First Trustee Sale / Foreclosure Auction Results

A cold rainy day at the courthouse steps in downtown Sacramento. The gloominess is a perfect setup for the foreclosure auction of my Larchmont house. At the same time there was a nice freshness in the air and I felt a little bit of excitement/anticipation. A small crowd gathered around the “auctioneer” listening for different […]

Have You Been Foreclosed Upon?

The reality is finally setting in. I have actually been foreclosed upon! I was talking with my wife this morning. I told her the reality of the situation. Upto this point she was under the impression that even though there may be a foreclosure, her credit will be preserved, since the hard money lender agreed […]

Timeline of Life, Houses and Foreclosure

I am being interviewed again and part of the due diligence the reporter does is check all my closing statements. In putting together those I decided to give you a timeline of all my house purchases, sales and foreclosures so far (and a few major life events for good measure). Here it is: September 10th, […]

Borrowed $3000 to launch a come back

I borrowed $3000 from a friend today. I will use this money to launch a come back. The realtor on the Dallas closing refused to get paid through escrow. So that’s where the first $650 is going. I overnighted it to him today. He promises to fax me a cancellation as soon as he gets […]

Will I Go to Jail for Mortgage Fraud?

[Photo by !borghetti used with permission.] In this blog entry I’m explaining all the potentially “shady” loan practices over the last 12 months as a real estate investor. I am trying to figure out the following: Did I commit mortgage fraud? To what extent? What are the consequences? Will I go to jail? Should I […]