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New Mexico Home Foreclosure is Final

New Mexico home no more… The original foreclosure sale was rescheduled due to a fairly rare snowstorm. I was happy to get extra time to get the short sale approved. The lender wasn’t willing to talk to us though. So the home went up for sale at the foreclosure auction yesterday. Today I found out […]

I am $2.2 Million In Debt

Here my financial statement that is submitted to the bank as part of the shortsale packet to avoid foreclosure. Note, this does not reflect the Utah property that I just sold on the wrap a couple of days ago. But its close enough: Here is the expenses portion of the income statement. Notice the 20 […]

Short Sale, After Foreclosure, Book, GSPG, Etc.

Man… last couple of days I’ve been jumping all over place… book, no book, partial book, crazy ideas, comeback stories, getting swayed by different people… I’m being too impulsive again! I think I need to come back down to reality and give you some updates: My last facing foreclosure property in Modesto, CA: Short sale […]

Facing Foreclosure – Activity Log

I’ve been trying to “take care of priorities” for the last 24 hours. Here is a log I kept on my notepad as I was working (this is a quick-n-dirty post, please pardon the grammar / spelling) Monday (yesterday) woke up late because I was up late last night responding to emails, installing a plug-in […]

Utah Property Staged and Wrapped!

I’m happy to announce the Highland Utah property closed yesterday. It would not have been possible without the help of my awesome agents Harvey and Robyn and Christoffersen. First, they took a chance on me and partially fixed up the property at their own expense. Then they helped bring a buyer at $399,900 subject to […]

Mortgage Fraud Podcast a Success!

My first attempt at running an online talk show / live podcast / talkcast (whatever you want to call it) went pretty smooth. I talked for 2 hours with Jerome Mayne, an ex mortgage fraud convict who is now an expert, author and speaker on fraudulent behavior. We also took some interesting live questions at […]

Property Photos and Info

I took the time to find pictures for all the properties and update some of the loan information. Take a look. I’m still facing foreclosure, so let me know if you have any buyers for me. Thanks. Burdett Way, Sacramento CA Larchmont Dr, North Highlands CA Muncy Dr, Modesto CA W 10250 N, Highland UT […]

Formula For Being Broke

I get a lot of interesting emails. Here is one of them. This guy is trying to share a “business opportunity” with me but I declined (for now) because I’m too busy with my foreclosure mess. I did enjoy his letter though. Keep in mind, I have nothing against “a job” in the traditional sense. […]

Utah House Still Wrapped, Sort Of

I made some calls today about the unwrapping of Utah. Spoke with the buyer (fix ‘n flipper) who took over my payments on a wrap-around contract (AITD). Spoke with the Central Bank of Utah, the escrow company which is collecting the payments from the buyer and sending it to my underlining underlying lender. False alarm… […]

Attracting Credit-Challenged Buyers

That is my new flyer attracting “Credit Challenged” buyers to my Modesto Property As you can see I decided to shift my marketing focus. I took down the “honest sign” and removed the old “honest flyer“. Here is the newspaper ad I am using. It cost me $350 for 9 days. Ouch! It better work, […]

Avoiding Stress = More Stress

I’ve been a little out of it last couple of days. After coming back home to Sacramento on Monday I was feeling very overwhelmed by the “reality” that was/is waiting for me: … still facing foreclosure on 4 houses … well over $150K of unsecured debt … decision to file bankruptcy or not to file […]

Timeline of Life, Houses and Foreclosure

I am being interviewed again and part of the due diligence the reporter does is check all my closing statements. In putting together those I decided to give you a timeline of all my house purchases, sales and foreclosures so far (and a few major life events for good measure). Here it is: September 10th, […]