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Avoiding Stress = More Stress

I’ve been a little out of it last couple of days.

After coming back home to Sacramento on Monday I was feeling very overwhelmed by the “reality” that was/is waiting for me:
… still facing foreclosure on 4 houses
… well over $150K of unsecured debt
… decision to file bankruptcy or not to file bankruptcy
… uncertain job situation
utah mortgage issues
… lack of discipline and lack of progress on December goals
… being too distracted to do any more real estate deals
… serious marriage issues
… oh and on top of all that my laptop died!

So I kind of hid from the world for a couple of days. No cell phone, no email, no blogging, no comments.

The problem is that I can’t take a guilt-free break. The fires are are ranging all around me. I can’t just pretend everything is OK and hide from my responsibilities.

Now I have over 250 email to answer, over 200 comments to moderate, 25 voice mails to return and a huge pile of mail to sort. I hope there are no emergencies that I ignored by staying unplugged. The unknown dangers eat at me every minute and sabotage any hope for any down time.

Avoiding the stress of dealing with problems causes even more stress and more problems.

(It’s time to face reality…)

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