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What’s Next? How can I help YOU?

I’m getting a little bit of media attention lately. I never intended for this to happen. I just wanted to sell my houses quickly, avoid foreclosure, get out of debt… and tell my story in the process – to HELP people!

I will continue giving you the blow-by-blow of how I’m getting out of this huge mess. Ideally, I want to pay off every dirty penny I borrowed. And do that without bankruptcy or foreclosure. I will have to get REALLY creative.

And I’m also hoping to have a come-back story too: how I make money in real estate in a down market. To accomplish that, I will be looking for a successful mentor to two – to take me under their wing. I need some wise guidance. I will also pursue additional real estate education as needed.

Financial independence has always been the goal. I’ve tried several businesses already but haven’t quite achieved a break-through. Many lessons learned. Many bruises and battle scars. I am NOT quitting though. It will happen! And hopefully I can get there without going back to a regular 8-5 job. We’ll see…

But I really don’t want this blog to be about ME too much.

My primary goal is I really just want to share my story and write things that will help people. I want to help you who are facing foreclosure. I want to help you “newbie” investors/flippers to make smart decisions. I want to help you buyers and seller to become more savvy. I want to help borrowers in making good decisions about mortgage products. I want to help industry watchers (bubble heads) by bringing you the latest from “the trenches“.

I am not saying I’m an expert or a GURU. I’m a long way from that. However, if I share my mistakes I hope to bring some value. Learning from other’s mistakes is much better – they tell me.

So I want to write things that my audience wants to hear. I want this blog to be of value to you. Really good value! Even entertainment value.

If you want to make fun of me and teach a lesson in the process – it’s ALL good! I don’t mind showing people HOW and WHY I failed. You can laugh at my expense all you want. If my failure helps somebody in the end, then my mission has been accomplished. (It’s not really failure… just a lesson and a set back).

Questions to you:

What do you want to hear more about? More gory details about each deal? More about liar loans? Real Estate buying/selling techniques I used? Lessons I have learned? About my life? Wife? Struggles? Feelings? Emotions? Disappointments? Dreams?

I’m also considering doing a podcast of some kind with video and/or audio. What do you think?

Any other ideas? How can I help YOU?

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