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Motley Fool: Greed Makes You Stupid

Here is an article about me in Motley Fool from about two weeks ago. It was written right after I took the blog down for a couple of days. I just recently found the article and want to re-post it here. I think it’s pretty interesting. The author thinks I am just greedy flipper. 24 […]

Casey Serin Facing Foreclosure on Wikipedia – a Defense

I’ve been watching the Casey Serin entry in Wikipedia get written over the last couple of months. It’s obviously written by my critics but they say they are trying to keep an “encyclopedic tone” (see the discussion tab). The problem I have is that the entry is highly skewed toward making me look bad. So […]

Nine to Five at My Rich Dad’s Office

Blogging for the first time from the office My high school friend, Rich Dad’s son Yesterday, was my first full day at my Rich Dad’s new office. He just bought a larger office building to expand operations. I was offered free office space and mentoring. There is no salary but I will get commission for […]

I Got a Real Estate Job!

For those wondering. Yes, I did get a real estate job that meets my criteria! I’m working for Chris, a fellow real estate investor here in the Sacramento area. He is a young guy too – in his late 20’s – but is kicking butt in real estate. I met Chris a few months ago […]

Introducing I am Facing Foreclosure Sponsors

As some of you have noticed in the sidebar I have some sponsors. I would like to introduce them to you: Sell Your House Fast: House Buyer Network™ is North America’s largest home selling solutions service. Our professional, experienced home buyers have processed more than $25 billion in property since 2002 and over $12 billion […]

Short Sale, After Foreclosure, Book, GSPG, Etc.

Man… last couple of days I’ve been jumping all over place… book, no book, partial book, crazy ideas, comeback stories, getting swayed by different people… I’m being too impulsive again! I think I need to come back down to reality and give you some updates: My last facing foreclosure property in Modesto, CA: Short sale […]

My View on College

I decided to address my views on going to college because I seem to get lots of criticism on this issue and I believe it relates to my foreclosure story. I chose to skip college right after high school because I was offered a $30,000/yr salaried position at a startup company ( with benefits and […]

Flipping Houses in a Down Market?

I came across a funny online show about two guys trying to flip houses in a declining real estate market: If you are a fan of the other house flipping shows on TV, you will like this. These guys just started and I’m not sure how much of it is based on a true […]

Mortgage Fraud Podcast a Success!

My first attempt at running an online talk show / live podcast / talkcast (whatever you want to call it) went pretty smooth. I talked for 2 hours with Jerome Mayne, an ex mortgage fraud convict who is now an expert, author and speaker on fraudulent behavior. We also took some interesting live questions at […]

Real Estate Investing College

It’s now Saturday and I finished all the classes for the week. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the education in this Real Estate Investing College as compared to other investing gurus and seminars I’ve been to. I learned a lot of good / new stuff that will help me stop foreclosure, make […]

I Want to Repay Every Dirty Penny I Borrowed… via Wholesaling?

I’ve gotten several good responses to the Yes, I lied on My Loans entry and elsewhere. I asked a question “What can I do to make it right?”. The responses were typically: 1) Get a job 2) File bankruptcy and start again, or 3) Run away to another country, change your name and lay low […]

Galina Serin: Enough is Enough!

This has been a pretty tough weekend emotionally. Galina, my wife of 3 years pretty much told me that she has had enough of this financial mess and my “irresponsible behavior”. Paying rent by borrowing from the corporation along with the brainstorming trip to Tahoe was the last straw. I don’t blame her. We have […]

Timeline of Life, Houses and Foreclosure

I am being interviewed again and part of the due diligence the reporter does is check all my closing statements. In putting together those I decided to give you a timeline of all my house purchases, sales and foreclosures so far (and a few major life events for good measure). Here it is: September 10th, […]

Borrowed $3000 to launch a come back

I borrowed $3000 from a friend today. I will use this money to launch a come back. The realtor on the Dallas closing refused to get paid through escrow. So that’s where the first $650 is going. I overnighted it to him today. He promises to fax me a cancellation as soon as he gets […]