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Casey Serin Facing Foreclosure on Wikipedia – a Defense

I’ve been watching the Casey Serin entry in Wikipedia get written over the last couple of months. It’s obviously written by my critics but they say they are trying to keep an “encyclopedic tone” (see the discussion tab). The problem I have is that the entry is highly skewed toward making me look bad. So […]

Avoiding Foreclosure via Short Sale and/or For Sale by Owner

A quick update on my California properties. Burdett… I hired my realtor to do the short sale on Burdett property because she has been doing such a great job with Larchmont. If you remember, I already have a verbal approval from the lender to short sale at 248. An investor who I was working with […]

Avoiding Stress = More Stress

I’ve been a little out of it last couple of days. After coming back home to Sacramento on Monday I was feeling very overwhelmed by the “reality” that was/is waiting for me: … still facing foreclosure on 4 houses … well over $150K of unsecured debt … decision to file bankruptcy or not to file […]