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Borrowed $3000 to launch a come back


I borrowed $3000 from a friend today. I will use this money to launch a come back.

The realtor on the Dallas closing refused to get paid through escrow. So that’s where the first $650 is going. I overnighted it to him today. He promises to fax me a cancellation as soon as he gets the money (on Monday). This will allow the NYC buyer to close. I should get 2-3K from that deal.

I also need to invest some more money into marketing the Modesto property to sell it with owner financing. I must be wise with the money. Or it will be gone quick!

I also put in an offer on a fixer-upper today. I put down a $1000 deposit. I’m looking to partner up with another investor on it – if my low-ball offer gets accepted.

I have about $500 left in my personal account. That’s enough for another week or two of living expenses. I must act quickly.

The $3000 I borrowed must be used only for business and I must multiply it ten-fold within a short period of time.

[Update: the offer was rejected and I got my 1,000 deposit back.]

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