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Sweet Links Sold Out – $2,255.99 EARNED So Far!

Tuesday Earnings Screenshot

Wow… Last couple of days, have been crazy! Basically, every time I checked my email there was money! That was really nice for a change. I’ve been busy answering questions and filling Sweet Link orders as well as taking sponsor payments. Sweet Links sold out earlier today with still more orders in the pipeline!

As much as I didn’t want to turn away money I decided to enforce my promise to keep the Sweet Links to 10 positions at this point. This way all the advertisers gets full value. If you didn’t grab your Sweet Link in time, email me to get on a waiting list. It’s well worth the money.

American Foreclosure Specialists is my first official Recommended (Premium) sponsor. They offer to avoid or stop foreclosure by working with your bank on your behalf. Free consultation is available.

I talked at length with the owner of the company and feel American Foreclosure Specialists provide good value to people in foreclosure and treat people right. I will be writing a full review of American Freedom Foreclosure services soon. A free review and ongoing mention in my post are the bonuses I’m currently offering to Premium advertisers.

I still have 4 Premium spots available.

For a limited time you have a choice to pay $125/week plus $25 placement fee. This way you can try it out for a week and cancel anytime. I can’t promise a free review on weekly payments but I will at least mention you on in one of the posts.

The only requirement is I need to feel good about your product or services to be able to recommend it to people in foreclosure (or people looking to buy foreclosures). It also needs to be on topic of foreclosure or related: real estate, real estate investing, short sales, foreclosure help, bankruptcy, credit repair, debt management, etc.

$250 Reviews

As a separate product I offer to write a full post reviewing your product, services or website/blog for a one-time payment of $250. That can be used with or without purchasing ongoing advertising. (Remember, for a limited time Premium Sponsors get a free review).

You can also appear on the next Foreclosure Friday show for $250.

More Testimonials and Shameless Plugs:

Here is another testimonial from one of my Sweet Link advertisers: (oops I screwed up the quote last time, lets try it again)

70. Sharky Laguana
May 22nd, 2007 at 2:41 am

“I will never buy any product advertised on this site. I will go out of my way to buy from competitors. I resent the fact you support this…person. ”

As one of Casey’s advertisers let me say that this kind of threat is completely unconvincing, and I actually am quite amused that somebody would think a potential advertiser like myself would be dissuaded by this.

By way of explanation, let me first say that I don’t intend on picking up a single customer from this site. Yes, you read that right: I don’t think my advertising dollars will lead to one single customer from Let’s face it, precious few IAFF readers are in the market to rent a van for an extended tour.
But what I do think I will get is far more valuable: search engine optimization. Moving up even a couple spots in Google rankings is potentially worth far more to me then what I am paying for the link. So, seen strictly through the prism of a business decision, the “sweet link” strikes me as a no brainer, as I cannot think of another blog with wider exposure, where I can purchase such a prominent link for so little money.

And just to backup what QuickEMoney said: I have had a link for 24 hours now, and I already have 125 hits. For me, that’s a total bonus. I don’t care if I get zero hits. But 125 hits? What does that work out to, 3000+ hits a month, for $100? Anybody that knows anything about ad rates knows that’s a bargain no matter how you look at it. But with the occasional bits of mainstream exposure that Casey gets, I’m sure there will be times where I will get even more hits then that. And unlike AdWords, I’m not paying on a per click basis, so those occasional mainstream write ups are a total bonus.

But to answer your basic premise: do I care if you boycott my services? Well ideally you wouldn’t, but earning your business wasn’t the point of advertising here anyways. What I’m really interested in is SEO, and unless you can convince people to stop visiting this site (good luck!) there isn’t much you can do to diminish the value of that.


Sharky Laguana

That came from Sharky, the holder of the following Sweet Links:

#3. Bandago Van Rentals – Sweettm Vans
#4. MixPal – sell your music online


If you’re wondering, what’s with these Sweet Links and why are they bold:

#8. Casey’s Stress Tolerance is High – What’s Your Top Personality Trait?

#9. Casey’s IQ is 131 – What’s Your IQ?

In exchange for a higher link payment of $150/month for each, the people at asked me to take an IQ test and a Personality Test so that they can use the results as part of the link. I happily agreed and offered to bold the links since they bought 2 and are paying $50 more per month per link.

(If you want yours bolded, let me know and I’ll see what I can do…)

One of the IQ test questions

Anyway, I actually scored higher on the IQ test than I thought. I’ve never taken one before so it was fun. There were only 43 questions but they were fairly hard. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes plus I used a calculator and scratch paper. At IQ of 131 it put me in the “gifted” category. Pretty cool! Personality test was fun too.


Who said I wouldn’t plug my Sweet Link sponsors occasionally? Just trying to provide great value. That’s all.

Anyway… that’s enough for the day. I feel like I did some good work and earned the money well.

UPDATE: more plugs!

Sorry, I was just reading over the comments from last post. The comments that my nice moderator moderated for me. I couldn’t help but grab a couple of more comments and use them to plug my Sweet Link holders.

Sweet Link holder #2 (The Big Finale w/ Bruce Collins) left the following comment:

111. Bruce D. Collins
May 22nd, 2007 at 10:36 am

To all the Casey haterz out there,

Having put my website on Casey’s site was an outstanding idea. Traffic is not only up with hits on the site but actually the mp3 play is up.

I’ve also received some nice emails…and some not so nice. Most of them were nice and I hope to be in touch with all of you.

Many of the ‘not so’nice ones said,’ I will not patronize your website any more because of your support of a deceitful and fraudalent person like Casey Serin.’

Oh, really, so you would just patronize Casey’s site ?

Give me a break, who has reached the moral high ground?

In Cali, we call you people ‘rubber neckers’, no where to go but sit there and gawk.

There’s actually a blog called “what Casey means to say.” You mean to say that someone spends their time critiquing this website because…(?!?)… they desparately need a girlfriend, perhaps? This guy over there uses the blogspot template and then reviews other websites. What a moron.

The one thing I can say is that I think housing is in a downward trend for sometime to come and I actually wrote about that online several years ago and commented on it on Monster Radio (I have been the book reviewer on this radio program for a couple of years, my pal the Big Schwag, former voice of Monster Garage, gave me the gig).

So, if I were Casey, I would have used a little moderation in the past and, even he admits, mistakes were made. Also, I would have tried to get a fulltime job even with the blogging….but he is not me and I am not him.

However, even the biggest cynic would have to admit- what he has done with this website and the publicity he has garnered- was proof of his genius.

Being a hater, one only needs be cerebrally challenged.

I would like to interview Casey soon and see where all this is headed.

Bruce Collins
wrestling promoter
book reviewer on nationally syndicated radio program (50 markets)
internet radio program, The Big Finale

PS. Dream big

Thanks Bruce! Looking forward to have you interview me on your show.

And here is one from Julie, Sweet Link holder #10 (Home-Flip – Free Real Estate Ads). By the way, though skeptical at first, Julie of Home Flip decided to give Sweet Link a try. She was competing with two other potential advertisers and grabbed the last Sweet Link by sending in her payment first!

92. Julie
May 22nd, 2007 at 8:36 am

You know… I have been following this blog since the beginning, even though I may not post all of the time I do read it atleast once a week. I have come to the conclusion that the haterz are jealous!!

Why do you insist on putting Casey down? Yeah his RE business Flopped big time. I am sure that everyone here has made a huge financial mistake that they are embarrassed about.

Of Course, no one knows about it, except immediate family… Did they put you down when you were at the lowest point in your life?

My husband and I were dupped out of 10K by a reputible Contractor 6 months ago!! Because of this we have suffered financial losses that we would never even think of. We even had to foreclose on one of our rental homes. And couldn’t pay the taxes and homeowners insurnace that were due last month.

There are many things that happen in life… FOR A REASON!!

Look at Donald Trump! He filed Bankruptcy in the 80’s Look at hime now!!


Thank you for your support Julie!

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