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Roadblocks for World’s Most Hated Blogger

World's Most Hated Blogger at the Opera House (closeup)

“World’s Most Hated Blogger” label is starting to grow on me. It definitely seems that way lately. Maybe all this negativity is helping cause these obstacles…

1. Google banned me from AdSense for fraud clicks again.

About $400 lost. Fraud clicks are not my fault but Google doesn’t care. I should have turned on the IP filter thingy but I figured the haterz wouldn’t try that stunt again. I figured wrong.

Back to Yahoo ads. Click-through rate and relevancy suck though. And I’m still waiting on Yahoo to release my $1000 from before. Don’t understand why it’s taking forever.

I’m getting sick of PPC. Perhaps I should just expand my direct placements and rent out every empty pixel.

2. After months of trying, my juicy $43,000 corporate credit line was finally approved but then suddenly flagged for review and closed down.

No, there was nothing shady, as far as I know. I think they just didn’t like how anxious I was in trying to get my hands on it and get it invested. There may have been other issues. Things I need to improve on.

That’s a pretty big roadblock. I was really counting on it for sweet passive income (sweet arbitrage!). The income to start paying back debts and to float the existing corporate credit. Worse yet, I lost my guarantor and need to find a new one if I am to try to re-apply.

Anybody have 700+ FICO?? (Just kidding)

3. Too many (well intentioned) people around me are trying to play marriage counselor or big brother.

Treating me like a child. Saying I have mental problems. Pressuring me to close this income producing blog down. Telling me I need to come back to reality and get a W2 job. Telling me I can’t handle my finances and need to appoint somebody to run everything for me!?

(And don’t even get me started on violation of privacy and ripping off copyrighted material in the name of “tough love”!!)

Seriously people. Let a person do his thang!


My personal life and relationships is… personal. Let me handle it please. As much as I appreciate the well-meaning intentions of some of you, outside involvement is only making it worse.


Just ‘cuz I made mistakes and want to share those with the world, does NOT mean I’m some kinda criminal on the run!! I am trying to pay back every dirty penny. Just ‘cuz some people don’t agree with my tactics doesn’t mean you gotta stop a good thing.

Because of my unique situation, my best bet to pay off my debt is to make money by telling people how I got into debt. People can learn from my mistakes and hopefully save lots of money.

I have already been doing this for free on this blog for like 9 months. It’s time I start getting paid a little, start paying off my debt and turn this whole experience into a success!

It’s a good thing!

But it takes time, focus and leverage. W2 is not leverage. Dealing with empty threats is not a good use of time. And paying attention to haterz is not a way to stay focused.

On a somewhat positive note…

I finally got to drive around the city and do some sight seeing. Check out the Australian set.

Yeah I know, I look sad. Being hated by the world is not easy. Sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in on me. Must keep going though.

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