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Crikey! Pasha The Shipwreck “Foreclosure”

That's what I call a "Shipwreck Foreclosure"

Have you heard of Pasha Bulker? Everybody here in Aussie has. I feel for Pasha. It’s kind of like my foreclosure story. People can’t resist to come and watch the ship/car/trainwreck and see if he makes out alive. Had to get first hand experience of this “foreclosure”…

Poor Pasha. So many parallels. Pasha doesn’t listen to warnings. Pasha cames too close to shore. Pasha gets stuck. Pasha trying to avoid “foreclosure” or at least get out alive. And people can’t look away. Poor poor Pasha.

(I wonder if Pasha’s owner is a distressed seller… Hmmm)

Driving on the WRONG side

Oh and I finally got to drive on the other side of the road. It was kinda weird. I still say it’s the “wrong” side (as far as steering wheel goes). Most people are right handed, right? So, having the shifter and controls on the left just seems wrong. Aside from that, and the getting used to Kilometers again (just like in Uzbekistan) it was ALL good.

Check out more “shipwreck foreclosure” and other photos in the Australia set… mate!

Ok… I’ll try not to overdo the Aussie slang. They don’t ALL talk like that here.

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