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Erin Morgan (PrLinkBiz) and Joy O’Day – NO DEAL!!

For those who have been on this blog for a while you might remember PrLinkBiz of and the Phoenix investor. Here are some old posts to refresh your memory:

Here is a recap of the story with a few more details:

  1. Via the USA Today article, Erin Morgan (aka PrLinkBiz) facilitated me getting some face-time with Robert Kiyosaki (watch the video). At first she made it seem like she wanted nothing in return, but to simply help me out, encourage me and “see me win”.
  2. Then there was some talk about getting hands-on help and/or doing a “mentorship” from Joy O’Day (aka Phoenix investor lady) in exchange for writing a book together or something like that. I didn’t know exactly what she had in mind but I said “sounds good” and wanted to look into it. At the same time I was talking with The East Coast mentor about doing a mentorship too but on different terms. I started moving forward and doing my due diligence on both deals so that I can choose the best one.
  3. Well apparently, Erin took my “sounds good, lets talk about it” as “lets DO IT NOW!”. Because the next day, she sends me this “contract” without even considering my needs and discussing the terms. Then we get on a 3-way chat online and both ladies are pressuring me to sign this contract.. NOW!
  4. I only had a few moments to glance at the contract before the chat and it looked like I was going to be signing my whole story away to them. That really bothered me and I was confused with the rest of the verbiage because as you can see below its very vague. I kept thinking – why is there so much pressure? I was REALLY concerned over the whole thing I was really questioning their true intentions. Up to that point I truly believed that they were looking out for my best interest (I am too trusting).
  5. I refused to sign the contract that night but told them I want to see them in person first. Erin give me an ultimatum at first (”you need to make up your mind by noon tomorrow”) but then reluctantly agreed to wait until I come to Phoenix.
  6. When I got there, I didn’t know what to think. However, because they were very nice to me and were still willing to facilitate the Robert Kiyosaki meeting I begin to reconsider my concern about their intentions. I thought, maybe they ARE really trying to help me out. And maybe the whole pressure to sign a last minute deal was a big mis-understanding on my part or perhaps I move too slow for them. I was still giving them the benefit of the doubt.
  7. After meeting Robert, I think I was what they call “star-struck”. I say that because I believe I was acting on pure emotions (and my already impulsive nature) when I decided the next day to just go ahead and sign this deal with Erin and Joy. Yes, I still had my concern about what the implications of the contract meant, but I sort of put that on the back-burner. I impulsively chose to trust these two ladies again and figured they are looking out for my best interest and would not screw me on this deal, even though I didn’t fully understand the implications.
  8. Then after I signed the deal I started to get a queezy feeling in my gut, as if I just made a terrible mistake. I proceeded to ask the ladies about what their plan was for me next. After talking for about 20 minutes I realized they don’t really have a plan!! They said that everything is still up in the air and we are going to BRAIN-STORM a plan now. There was also talk about me staying in Phoenix for a while and other crazy stuff that we never talked about before. I was under the impression that they had an actual plan for me! Right then, I remembered the offer from The East Coast Mentor and (he actually had some kind of a plan). And I thought how STUPID it was for me to rush into this deal with Erin/Joy without fully comparing both offers first. Yet another impulsive decision!!
  9. Right then I also realized that I never talked to my wife about all this (I just figured she would support me either way). I saw my escape. I excused myself and went outside to call my wife. She was pretty upset with me and confirmed how STUPID and IMPULSIVE it was for me to rush into this deal without meeting The East Coast Mentor face-to-face, which I was going to do right after the Phoenix trip. (The mentor even offered to pay for the trip!)
  10. She told me I need to rescind that contract immediately or ask them to void it one way and to give me time to think about it. I came back to the room and asked to be taken back to the hotel.
  11. On the way back I apologized to Erin for going back-n-forth and told her I need more time. I also asked her to VOID the contract. She REFUSED!
  12. I flew back to Sacramento and ended up loosing the East Coast Mentor too through all this. So I was back to square one, except for the meeting with Robert Kiyosaki, which was, of course, awesome.
  13. Ever since then I have been nicely asking Erin to void the contract or find a way to SETTLE IT. She has been largely ignoring me. Then finally I talked with her and offered to reimburse all the expenses her and Joy spent on me during the trip (a couple of lunches and one night at a hotel room). She said she will get back to me. She also said there is somebody who wants to buy my blog and if she gets a cut from it, we may be able to settle.
  14. Then there was some side fight between Yneone and Prlinkbiz / Erin which spilled over to my blog. Erin called me and ordered me to remove every comment by Yneone. I told her I’m not going to do that because I didn’t want to get in the middle of their fight. Plus I DID edit out the name “Erin Mortgage” from Yneone’s posts to protect Erin’s idenity. I told her that I keep this blog very organic. If I start deleting too many posts people will star thinking I’m spinning the story or something. So I told Erin I’m not going to touch those comments.
  15. That’s the last I heard from Erin. I tried to call her several more times and tried to meet when I went to Phoenix area for the second time. At least Joy has been showing me some professional courtesy and returning some of my calls and emails. Also Joy was nice enough to give me back the signed copies of Why We Want You To Be Rich book so I can send it to Todd for sponsoring my first Phoenix trip.
  16. Keep in mind, this ENTIRE time I have been saying nothing but GOOD things about both Joy and Erin. Look at all my old posts and see. I really am still very grateful to Erin for bringing the whole Robert Kiyosaki thing so I continued to respect the Non Disclosure Agreement I signed with them and have not revealed any more on this blog than they allowed me.
  17. Then I started talking to Duane LeGate of HouseBuyerNetwork and REI.TV about advertising, sponsorships, and future possibilities. He seemed like a guy who genuinely wanted to help me as long as I “start taking full responsibility and commit to doing everything the right way”. However, he wanted me to come clean with EVERYTHING that might be a potential liability. I told him about the contract and that the ownership of “my story” may be in jeopardy. He told me he needed to see the contract before investing any money or time into my blog to prevent issues with future liability. I told him this might violate the NDA. He told me not to worry about it. I didn’t want to lose this opportunity to move towards financial stability. So I let him see that contract.
  18. After seeing the contract he pretty much laughed at it at the same time voiced his disgust with Erin and Joy because it look like they were just trying to take advantage of me. Yes, he said it was really STUPID of me to sign this contract and now I will have to deal with the consequences. He told me I need to get that contract voided or it might still have potential to come back and bite me in the butt. He even offered to call the ladies on my behalf. I think he tried speaking with Joy but she hung up on him.
  19. Duane was gone on vacation during the holidays and we just recently picked up our talks. At this point we’re ready to move forward with our sponsorship but this contract is still an open loop.
  20. Yesterday Duane advised me to simply post the contract on this blog and let the whole world see “how ridiculous it is” – which would in essence “call their bluff”. (loosely quoting)

Before doing that I send out one last email to both Joy and Erin to see if we can find a way to resolve this issue. Joy called me back and the first thing I heard is something about “thanks for letting me know so I can get my lawyers on this”. I ignored that statement and tried to talk to her as a person.

I once again tried to nicely explain/revisit my whole situation… again I apologized for rushing into the contract and backing out the same day… I reasoned that since no services have been performed on either side, “Why are you guys still holding me hostage with this stupid contract?”. I tried to ask her to get Erin to please give me a call and stop ignoring me.

She talked with me for a while and basically told me that “It’s not personal, its business”. She finally broke down and said something along the lines that Erin is ignoring me and basically keeping this contract in her back pocket for the future – when I become successful and actually have money to go after.

She also said that since I got Duane involved with me now they can go after both of us, because now there is “something to go after”.

After I heard all this I hung up the phone. There was no more talking about it. At this point any remains of any trust, any respect, and any “benefit of the doubt” about their true intentions completely disappeared. I rarely talk/think bad about anybody and I HATE to burn bridges. So this is out of character for me, but I’m going to make the following statement:

I am now convinced that Erin Morgan (PrLinkBiz) and Joy O’Day want nothing else but to SCREW ME and to TAKE ADVANTAGE of my situation.

Don’t mis-understand me. It’s still my fault for singing something and backing out. I am not trying to dodge my responsibility. I do deserve the consequences that I am experiencing right now.

However, I repeatedly tried to settle and own up to it. And the way I am being treated/ignored is just NOT RIGHT. This crossed over from “business” into “personal” a long time ago. So no more “Mr. Nice Guy”.

Based on Duane’s advice, here is that contract for all to see:


Tao Realty LLC, known as Joy O’Day, and Casey Serin below signed hereby enter into this Agreement on behalf of themselves, their heirs, known and owned companies, successors and assigns, and set forth following terms and conditions as constituting the Agreement in its entirety:

  1. The agreement shall go by the following name: Casey Serin
  2. The parties’ principle place of business shall be governed in the state of Arizona.
  3. The first day that the agreement shall begin business is: October 27, 2006
  4. The agreement’s operations shall be primarily in the following field or area of Promotions, Publishing, written content, E book, Web casts, Pod Casts, CDs, Motion pictures of all sort, Interviews, News Articles, Blogs, Radio, Audio, and any and all Public Relations.
  5. The agreement shall be capitalized as follows: Casey Serin will submit all written content, web content, future royalties, intellectual property, contacts, personal information, property information, lenders information in exchange for mentoring and guidance in his current real estate situation. Tao Realty LLC themselves, their employees, Independent contractors, Associates, owned companies, successors and assigns make no guarantees to the outcome of the current situation. Casey Serin agrees to hold harmless all parties noted above for any financial, public or personal hardship that may arise. Casey understands that Tao Realty LLC is not acting as any real estate professional, tax or law specialist. All laws and conditions are different in every state Tao Realty LLC is not presented as an expert in any form or fashion.
  6. Losses and gains on contributed control, capital and other property shall be Assigned as follows: Tao Realty LLC shall provide the client with effort to the fullest extent allowed by law and have full control over all media of any form involving Casey Serin. Casey Serin agrees to a non-compete position irrelevant of individual state laws for up to 10 years after the project dismemberment. All media, publications, including but not limited to advertisements; print, radio or otherwise, web sights, blogs, books etc will not release any client of Tao Realty LLC or any affiants as a client of in any manor.

    The IRS’s general allocation rule and an independent contractor 1099 shall apply when applicable

  7. Salary, if any in the future, for the services rendered shall be determined by Tao Realty LLC.
  8. This agreement shall remain in effect by both parties, their heirs, known and owned companies, successors and assigns upon retirement, death or incapacity of any partner.
  9. Upon termination or dissolution of the Agreement, the Agreement will be promptly liquidated, with all debts being paid first, prior to any distribution of the remaining funds. All remaining fund will be the sole property and earnings of Tao Realty LLC.
  10. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

So agreed, this 27th Day of Ocotber 2006.

And here is another thing I signed:


Tao Realty LLC of a nonexclusive license all copyrights arising under common law and all rights derivative therefrom, inclusive of the right to publish all or part of the submitted writing.

By Submitting the content, Casey Serin grant further permission to Tao Realty LLC to use his name and photos, also to publicize the writing, all without royalty or consideration.

This is an exclusive license. Tao Realty LLC retains all rights to Casey Serins work, including the right to publish or submit to others for publication.


By signing this form, I am certifying that my writing is the sole creation of my own efforts and ideas. I understand that plagiarism is a crime defined as the use of another’s words, ideas or expressions without acknowledging their source. I further understand that plagiarism is grounds for immediate legal action.

I certify that all statements and information contained herein and in all my materials
submitted by me are true, correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. I further certify that the writing was written solely by me and is my original work.

And the NDA:


This AGREEMENT is entered into by and between Casey Serin, Erin Morgan, and Joy O’Day as Tao Realty LLC, having a principal place of business in the state of California and Arizona (hereinafter RECIPIENT) Casey Serin and, Erin Morgan and Joy O’Day as Tao Realty LLC (hereinafter DISCLOSERS).


Whereas, DISCLOSER possesses certain confidential and proprietary information relating to any names, customers, vendors, subcontractors, software, technology, internet technology, business ventures and goals (all such information collectively referred to as “CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.”)

Whereas, DISCLOSER is willing to disclose certain CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION to RECIPIENT for purposes of evaluation and/or for performing services for DISCLOSER and RECIPIENT is willing to receive such disclosure subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

Now, therefore, RECIPIENT in consideration for the opportunity to review the information presented by DISCLOSER hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions of such disclosure:

  1. RECIPIENT agrees it will not use, will not disclose and will hold in confidence DISCLOSER’S CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, generally described above, except as expressly permitted by this Agreement, and that any product(s), technical information, programs, drawings, designs, diagrams or other documents associated therewith as well as discussions related thereto shall remain the property of and proprietary to DISCLOSER, may not be reproduced by RECIPIENT without the written consent of DISCLOSER, and shall be returned to DISCLOSER promptly upon written request by DISCLOSER.
  2. RECIPIENT agrees to make CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION available only to those persons within its organization as are necessary for evaluation thereof and/or for performing services for DISCLOSER, and that RECIPIENT shall inform each employee, agent or officer who receives such information of the confidential nature of the information and the conditions contained herein. Confidential information includes the DISCLOSER’S customers, and the RECIPIENT agrees that no contact with the DISCLOSER’S customers can be made or attempted without prior written consent from DISCLOSER.
  3. The CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION referred to herein and not excepted under any of the provisions set forth in Section 3 shall be considered confidential permanently measured from the date of its receipt, in any form, by RECIPIENT and shall extend to subsequent disclosers of CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION generally referred to herein.
  4. This Agreement is personal to RECIPIENT and shall be governed by the laws of the state of Arizona to the extent applicable.
  5. If any restriction or provision contained in this Agreement is too broad to permit enforcement to the extent permitted by law or is declared to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such restriction or provision shall be modified by the court to the extent necessary for enforcement or validity, or if impossible shall be severed from the Agreement, with the remaining provisions to be enforced.
  6. Person(s) executing this Agreement on behalf of RECIPIENT personally warrant and represent that they have been authorized to sign this Agreement on behalf of RECIPIENT and to legally bind their respective employer.

So there you have it.

  1. Does this look like a win-win […] deal?
  2. Is it right for Erin Morgan (Prlinkbiz) and Joy O’Day (Tao Realty, LLC) to take full ownership of my story and offer nothing SPECIFIC in return?
  3. Is it right for them to be ignoring my repeated requests to cancel or settle?
  4. Is it right for them to continue preventing me from safely moving forward with sponsorships on this website?
  5. Is it right for them to sabotage my ability to make any money from my story in the future?

You be the judge!

Please don’t get me wrong… this is not really “about my story” in a conceited kind of way. Right now I’m in financial trouble and I need to start making money to pay the bills. At this point I don’t care about my story other than I am able to use the story to help other people and at the same time make some money on this blog through sponsorships, etc. So this is about me moving forward and digging out of this mess.

I’ve made plenty of attempts to “take responsibility” for signing this contract by trying to settle. They continued to ignore me. No more! I’m tired of playing those childish games. The whole thing is out and I’m moving forward! No deal!

And I don’t want to hear all this crap about how I deserve this because I “screwed” all my lenders with my “liar loans”. I took those loans out with FULL INTENTION to repay. Most of the cash-back money went to float the payments and towards repairs.

My intent was never to defraud ANY lenders by defaulting on these loans. I used “liar loans” because it was common in the industry and seemed justifiable. I made mistakes with my deals and my repairs. The market crash also didn’t help me much. I was naive and inexperienced. My business failed. That’s it!

Go study the stories of REAL criminals and mortgage scammers and tell me how my story compares. If I knew I was committing “mortgage fraud” I would have never done it. Now all i’m trying to do is find the most honest and ethical way out of this. I’m tired of all this HATE for me!


(Sorry for all this drama guys, very emotional post today. We’ll be back to my foreclosures, my wife’s credit cards, the top 5 ignored advice and other stuff in just a bit.)

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