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Brainstorming in Lake Tahoe

It’s past 1:30 am. After getting overwhelmed with trying to put together an action plan for the next few months I decided to take a random trip to one of my favorite places: Lake Tahoe. I told my wife I need a change of scenery and some time to think and brainstorm. In critical points in my life I find it helpful to go to the nature. She supported my decision and off I went. I think I will stay here for two nights.

Now before you get all riled up about my spending. It’s not that far of a drive and I’m staying cheap. The benefit of reaching a breakthrough and resulting burst of productivity for weeks to come will be well worth the small investment. So it’s a business trip…

I won’t leave you hanging about the other stuff. I got the car window fixed and borrowed some money to catchup and pre-pay my rent. So I’m all good till July 1st.

During this trip I plan to get caught up on all my email and messages, put together an action plan and send an update to my personal mailing list. I haven’t updated my people in like 4 months. I normally like to send out updates every 1-2 months.

The update will briefly recap the latest on my foreclosure story and will outline all the different opportunities that I have cooking that came in as a result. I will share needs and provide a way for people to participate. It will be fun and profitable for everyone involved.

From facing foreclosure to facing success! All this debt is gonna get paid off in no time at all!

I’m feeling better, can you tell? Must be the clean mountain air.

(Also, we will be moving to a fully dedicated server any day here so please excuse any downtime, including inconsistent comment behavior.)

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