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Not Baiting Haterz. Just Keepin’ It Real.

Taking a Shot of Wheatgrass

Casey Serin has turned baiting readers of into something of an art form. He’s pictured here drinking wheat grass, one of his favorite things to do…. Not all these details have appeared on his blog yet, but Serin seems to enjoy spacing them out in a way that will vex his readers the most. “What happens is I feed off of it,” he said. “I know the buttons to press to get those guys going. After awhile, you learn what topics you can mention if you want to get extra comments on your post.”

That’s according to Declan McCullagh who interviewed me for the CNET article he wrote. (Also on front page of MSN tonight)…

My take is that Declan focused WAY too much on that part. Yes, I’ve done a little bit of baitin’ in the past. But most of it is NOT intentional. It’s not my fault the “haterz” (I’ll start adding a Z since they prefer it that way) don’t like how I do stuff. Like other entrepreneurs I do things very differently and tell you how it is. It comes with “being naked”. I’m not trying to irritate!

The problem is people (and many reporters) focus on the negative and love to dramatize things. Back when I posted the Wells Fargo statement, there just happened to be Jamba Juice and an over-draft charge. So everybody assumed I go out everyday and live a extravagant lifestyle that I can’t afford.

But that’s not the norm! I am living with family (renting two rooms for $550) to save on expenses. We rarely go out to Starbucks and Jamba Juice. (Yes, there was that Macaroni grill thing once, but that was a special occasion.) We have only over-drafted our account 2-3 times in the last few months. And even though I don’t currently have a full-time job I HAVE been making money there and here.

So an occasional wheat-grass shot or freshly squeezed juice is all good. Especially, during these stressful times I need to stay healthy and put good things into my body. Besides, instead of going to Jamba Juice I normally use my own home juicer to save on money.

The only thing I can maybe take a fault on is spending too much on my cell phone. I need to find a way to cut down my $200-300/month bill (or whatever it is lately). Everything else is pretty much bare-bones. (Like the crappy GoDaddy dedicated server).

People just love to hate and criticize. There are so many haters sites about me out there that I’m loosing track (sorry couldn’t resist). There seem to be a new one popping up every month. The comments are filled with hate too. I used to follow the hater sites out of curiosity and read every single comment. But that takes way too much time and only depresses me. I have a turn-around to work on. Must focus.

I should just follow Robert Kiyosaki’s advice that he gave me when I talked to him last October. Here is a screen shot of a particularly choice moment in that video (or on YouTube).

Robert told me to “Screw the Critics [Haterz]”:

Robert Kiyosaki Flipping Off the Haters

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