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Why I am Facing Foreclosure is Back

I can’t go into too much details but basically one of the main reasons this foreclosure blog is back up is because my publisher is forcing me to keep blogging. The publisher threatened to sue me for breaking our contract. If you remember I started working with an independent publisher on my own foreclosure book to tell my story in great detail, and share lessons on foreclosure and real estate investing…

Well, part of the agreement is I keep the blog going because that is my main marketing platform for the book. Since I pulled the plug without telling the publisher the publisher got pretty pissed off. The publisher has already done a good amount of work on the book and has invested money, reputation with the vendors and a significant amount of time. The publisher understands my personal issues but a contract is a contract.

I don’t need any additional legal issues on top of what I’m already facing with the foreclosure consequences and all that. So I worked out a way for me to get this foreclosure blog back online and keep blogging to meet my obligations. I may be able to share more about all this at a later date. Again, I have to be careful what I say because I DO have a non-disclosure agreement signed with the publisher.

On top of that some CRAZY things have been happenin’ lately. I wish I could say more…

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