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Who Says We Don’t Work?

Doing a tech job

This is a shot of our living room where me and my wife are working on a tech job for a local real estate professional. We’re putting together and reproducing a large order of training CDs. We are getting paid this Sunday. In fact we pulled an all-nighter to finish up.

This is an example of technical consulting jobs that I have been doing this whole time to make some money. I’m also doing a little bit of web development and design work. Basically I’ve been putting my tech background to use.

Some of you on this blog keep telling me I need to get a job (or two or three)… and that I am lazy… and that I don’t want to work.

Why do you assume?!

It’s probably because I’m not talking about my work that much. And probably because some of you are trying to decide what type of work or structure is best for me.

Well, I am working and I am making money. Not a lot, but enough to get by. Not enough to catchup my defaulted loans but enough for food and rent. This is buying my wife and I some time to restart our investing business and get on financially healthy grounds.


Yes, I’m working (and my wife is helping).

Yes, I’m making some money.

Yes, I’m trying to be responsible.

No, I’m not a lazy bum.

No, It’s not a W-2 job (why does it matter?)

No, I don’t know how I can come up with thousands of dollars to bring my loans current or if it’s even possible or even worth doing at this stage of the game.

Yes, I am considering repayment plans, settlement, debt management and possibly even bankruptcy.

Yes, we’re working on our taxes (though we’ll need an extension).

Yes, we have plans to monetize this blog soon by providing a service.

Any other questions from the “haters”? (Sorry, I meant “realists”…)

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