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Wells Fargo Stole $1000 From Me

… or that’s how it feels at least.

I woke up this morning later than planned but it’s OK because I woke up motivated for once ready to take on life and start organizing/reassessing my mess.

Then I login to my Wells Fargo personal checking account and see a debit of $1,099 pending. I don’t recognize the description so I call to see what is going on.

I find out that because my WF credit line is 83 days past due they made an “offset” from my personal account to catchup the credit line.

“You are allowed to do that?” I asked. They said yes according to the terms of the loan that I signed.

“But I need that money to live on! My landlord is going cash the check today and it will bounce now. Can’t we reverse the offset or appeal it somehow??” I asked. The rep checked with the supervisor and said they cannot reverse it.

That’s just great! I knew I should have closed the account to prevent autodrafts and stuff like this from draining the little money we had.

I know I don’t have much ground to complain since I owe WF over $65K $83,702.01 but can’t I have a little control over my own account? I need to pay rent and buy groceries before I can make loan payments.

I am very frustrated. Going down to the branch right now to close my account and take out any cash I have left. I am not going to let WF or anyone to just take out money as they please.

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