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Pool Maintenance in Foreclosure

If you’re facing foreclosure, you know that sinking money into any kind of maintenance is the last thing on your mind. Especially when you don’t live in the property and the property is 75 miles away.

The last time I visited that property was sometime in October or November of last year. Here is how I remember the pool looking like:

Last time I saw the Modesto property pool

Apparently, the pool has gotten much worse since…

Here is the email I got from my short sale specialist real estate agent who is trying to help me stop foreclosure on the Modesto property:


I just wanted to update you on what is going on. I went by the property today. The pool looks nasty. There is a notice from the mosquito abatement district. They want you to clean or drain the pool within 2 weeks. I tried to call them but they close at 5. The number is 209-XXX-XXXX, if you want to call them. We should be hearing from the second lender soon. ( I Hope.)

– Modesto Agent

Here is how I responded:

Should I call the abatement and see what my options are? Or maybe I should wait a little longer for the answer on the second. Then I can tell them that we have the house in escrow and it should be selling soon and tell them that the new owners will start cleaning it up as soon as it’s closed. Please advise.

– Casey Serin

Oh the wonderful life of pre-foreclosure property ownership!

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