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No word on Short Sale… Remaining Homes Going to Foreclosure Today?

Just spoke this morning to the realtor in Rio Ranch, New Mexico. He has been unable to get a hold of the lender to get a status on the short sale package we sent in a long time ago.

The real estate agent said this particular lender (Aurora) is known for being very hard to deal with. Especially since they are now having financial problems as they are one of the sub-prime lenders that have been affected by massive foreclosures. So we’re assuming the short sale package has not been approved and the house is going to be up at the foreclosure auction shortly.

No word on the Modesto, California house either. I spoke with the short sale realtor a couple of days ago. He said he will let me know if he hears something. He is usually very prompt in delivering news to me. That house is schedule to go to the foreclosure sale today too.

Wow, this might be it.. the end of my property ownership… for now. I should know for sure at the end of the day what happened at the foreclosure sales.

Update: Looks like the Modesto property got rescheduled to 4/27/2007 at 12 PM according to ReconTrust website. Maybe that means they are going to take the short sale offer… That would be s-w-e-e-t!

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