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No More Drafts for CashCall, for Now…

Uh oh…

Your Payment was Returned

February 07, 2007

RE: Loan xxxxxx

Dear Borrower,

Your scheduled payment to CashCall, Inc. set up through automatic debit in the amount of $220.48 was returned unpaid by your bank. Pursuant to the CashCall Promissory Note and Disclosure Statement, (”Note”), a returned item fee of $15.00 was charged to your loan.

Your loan is now past due and you must immediately replace this payment via a MoneyGram transaction in the amount of $235.48 (see instructions below). Failure to make good on this loan payment may negatively impact your credit standing and you may be subject to incur additional fees (please see the “Note” for clarification).

If you have any questions, you may reach CashCall, Inc. at (866) 899-xxxx


CashCall, Inc.

I must admit CashCall is a pretty smart lender. They require you to use automatic draft from a PERSONAL checking account. That’s why I’ve been paying them this entire time because closing down my personal account would have created too much pain – I have health insurance drafting from it and other stuff. Plus I really didn’t want to leave WF since I’ve been with them for like 10 years. However, when Wells Fargo “stole” $1000 from me that was the last straw.

I’m am happy to be only paying 18% 24% on my 10 grand that I borrowed, so that’s kind of nice compared to how high it can go. My experience with them has always been very positive. Getting that 10 grand was very easy. Just needed my FICO (I had around 630 at the time) and paystub (I was still employed as a programmer/analyst).

I borrowed this money to pay for Burdett repairs a year ago, when I was getting it ready to lease out. The money went to completely remodel the kitchen, clean the carpets, fresh paint inside and out and other stuff.

So no more drafts for CashCall until I figure out my debt situation and find a way to pay them back (or settle). I will try to call them soon to see what can be worked out.

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