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Negotiating CashCall, Credit Cards and Other Lenders?

Below is the transcript from my CashCall call – one of my unsecured lenders. It’s roughly a $10,000 loan which was taken out about a year ago to pay for Burdett property repairs.

Also, if you look at my financial statement spreadsheet you will see I have $175,000 of unsecured debt (lines of credit, credit cards, private loans, etc) which will take at least $10,000 to bring current. And then the minimum payments with current interest rates will be over $3,000 per month.

I believe a couple of the accounts have gone to collections now. Keep in mind the spreadsheet hasn’t been updated in a couple of months so the unsecured debt numbers and amount to bring current are higher now.

Most of the money was used for property repairs, related travel, utilities, floating mortgage payments and some living expenses. I don’t know exactly how much went where yet. We have all the receipts though and are still organizing the books for 2006.

Here are some questions for the community. Reply in comments:

  • How did I do with CashCall negotiation?
  • What could have I done better?
  • What should be my goal and end result of the negotiation?
  • Is it even worth negotiating with my unsecured lenders at this point? How is it going to help me?

Thanks for anonymous IamFacingForeclosure fan for the CashCall call transcript:

First Call

Mr *BLIP*: Cashcall, this is Mr *BLIP*. May I please have your loan ID number?
CS: Oh you know what, I don't have the ID number. Should I call back with that or can you look me up by name?
Mr *BLIP*: I can look you up via social.
CS: Social. Sick. *BLIP* *BLIP* *BLIP* *BLIP* *BLIP* *BLIP*
Mr *BLIP*: And this is Casey?
CS: Yea. This is Casey. I'm just getting back to you. Yea. By the way is that OK to record this call so I can record some of these payment terms if we're able to come up with them?
Mr *BLIP*:

If you want to record the call? For future reference? I… If you feel it is necessary, I don't want to get into an argument with you over recording a call… Do whatever you feel you want to do.

CS: Sure that way if we agree on something, then I have it ready to go.
Mr *BLIP*: Then that's fine. Err…Go ahead…
CS: You said the other day that you were going to send it to legal. Has that happened yet or do I still have a chance to do something?
Mr *BLIP*: You still have a chance to do something. I don't make a decision on this file before the end of the week.
CS: Ok… Erm… Now in terms of payment and arrangements and all that, what can I expect? Do we need
to do a financial statement first?
Mr *BLIP*: Ok. Here's what I can do for you. It's this. Right now you're two payments behind for a total of $440.96 plus $60 worth of fees on your account for a total of $596. I'm sorry $500 dollars and 96 cents. Your minimum payments are $220.49. Excuse me $220.48… I'm having a hard time looking at my screen right now… Hmpph…You tell me what it is that you're able to do as far as a payment and I will tell you what I can do from that point.

CS: Uhm… Are we able to have maybe a really small payment for a few months and then resume payments just so we can catch up on all our other bills?
Mr *BLIP*: Ok in order to do anything I'll need at least $220.48.
CS: Ok. So like you said before you're going to need the first month's payment right? Or at least one month's.
Mr *BLIP*: Right, First month's. At that plan time once you make the first month's payment, I can then do one of two things. I can go ahead and take a financial statement from you and offer you a possible deferment or a modification on the loan. With a deferral, we will take your other payment that's past due, and we will add it onto the back of the loan. And also to your next month's payment and add it on the back of the policy when all our payment *unintelligible* Now for the modification it'll be the same thing however you could possibly lower the interest, possibly lower the interest rate as well.

CS: And to …
Mr *BLIP*: Lower the payment and lower the interest rate.


And to find out what I could qualify for in terms for modification do we need to first make that payment or can you, would you be able to tell me right now so I can plan?
Mr *BLIP*: I can tell you that right now. Let's go ahead and take your financial statement.
CS: Ok let's do that… *silence*
What…Wha… Do you need to ask me questions on that? Or?
Mr *BLIP*: Yeah. Bear with me two second while I pull the screen.


Mr *BLIP*: Ok how much a month are you paying in mortgage? Or childcare? Alimony?

Uhm. No mortgage but just rent. Will that suffice?

Mr *BLIP*: 500 hundred?
CS: Oh no. you mean just rent as rent except healthcare?
I'm just paying rent. It's err… Let's see 600 dollars a month right now.
Mr *BLIP*: And do you have an automobile payment?
CS: No.
Mr *BLIP*: No… ? And do you have a car insurance payment?
CS: Yes. It's Er… Let's see
Mr *BLIP*:

And who is it with and how much a month?

CS: It's err.. Allstate and we're paying I believe 150 dollars per month.
Mr *BLIP*: Ok. And now with your rent, does it include all your utilities?
CS: Er yes that.. oh wait… Hold on 600 dollars plus there's about a hundred dollars in utilities.
Mr *BLIP*: So electric is running how much a month?


Electric is about… about maybe half of that. And then there is gas and there's… there's on top of that there is also cable.
Mr *BLIP*: Ok. So gas is running how much?
CS: Uhm.. It's about… It varies. Right now it's more. Uhm.. so we have gas at about 50. Electric about 15.
Mr *BLIP*: And nothing for water?
CS: Erm. No. We don't really pay water. This one is covered as part of the rent.
Mr *BLIP*: And home phone how much?
CS: Home phone?
Mr *BLIP*: Yes?
CS: We don't have a home phone. Just cell phone.

Mr *BLIP*:

And that's costing how much?
CS: Uhm. Cell phone. Uhm… I think its two hundred dollars.
Mr *BLIP*: And your cable is running how much?
CS: Cable is 50 dollars. That's… That's cable and internet access combined.
Mr *BLIP*:

Ok. And are you paying on any credit cards right now?

CS: Uhm. No not at this point right now.. We're just..
Mr *BLIP*: And you are paid.. how often are you paid? Weekly,bi-weekly, twice a month or monthly?
CS: Right now I'm just trying to figure out our financial situation…uhm considering getting a job… at the same time I'm doing web site design. So I do some freelance consulting and design and so that's… I do have jobs coming in but they're not super stable right now. I'd say right now I'm between one and two thousand dollars per month.

Mr *BLIP*:

On average how much are you making per month?
CS: We'll just average that out at between $1500 per month.
Mr *BLIP*: And then your [family]. [Are they] bringing home an income as well?
CS: No she's not. But we do have… We do have additional payments that we're doing for err… for… some of the credit cards when we can. Lately we haven't been doing that but we're trying to set that aside and Figure out who we can and who we cannot pay.
Mr *BLIP*: And how many dependents?
CS: No dependents.
Mr *BLIP*: Ah.. ok. Are you receiving anything for alimony or social security?
CS: No. Negative.
Mr *BLIP*: And your [family] is not working at all?
CS: No right now she's not but she's… err
Mr *BLIP*: Is she receiving an extra allowance or anything?

She was a student but now she.. We've just quit school so she can maybe you know help with the finances and get a job.

Mr *BLIP*: And what we're not going to do is we're not going to include her phone bill if she's not working.
CS: Ok.
Mr *BLIP*: How much does it include for yourself..? A hundred?
CS: Wait… You said the phone bill?
Mr *BLIP*: Yea… The cellphone…
CS: It's kinda of a combined… It's err.. shared.. You know a shared plan I think is what we have.
Mr *BLIP*: How much is your phone? Well it's the majority of that. Her phone is just a little part of it. It's just an add-on to.. to the bill. We can make mine 180. 'cause I use the majority of the minutes.

Well the $1500 that you're making roughly. Is that what you're usually making or are you making more?


Well it's between… Lately last couple of months it's been between $1000 and $2000 so I'm just averaging that out. $1500. For example this month…
Mr *BLIP*: Ok. Now the reason you've fallen behind. Exactly what's going on…?
CS: This month… It's been about a…
Mr *BLIP*: I don't have the first page up and I'm going to review my notes so if you could just remind me.
CS: Oh the reason for falling behind? It's because business just kinda took a dive. I have some contracts before and I was doing some jobs and things. But now it's just kinda a slow spot. And err… we're trying to get some more jobs coming in or get a full time job. Between my [family] and I, probably get two jobs. We're considering all that right now.
Mr *BLIP*: Yea… You're finding it… more business… *tapping on keyboard*
CS: Yea.
Mr *BLIP*: And yes.. *tapping on keyboard*
Hold on for me for a minute and a half OK? It may be a minute and a half … two minutes… *hold music plays*


CS: Yes.
Mr *BLIP*: Right now, I'm showing your income is too negative. What I want you to do is this. Look back your last three months. Tell me what you made each month the last three
months.We're going to average that. Hopefully we're going to be higher than $1500.
CS: Aww… Like I said it fluctuates. I don't have it in front of me. Do you want me to just go off a little bit…
Mr *BLIP*: Look just try… Just try to think back the last three months what you made?
CS: So we just need to raise that figure a little bit….Sounds like… Uhm.. Let me see. Well I mean.. it was a little higher before and one month it was lower. Really it is $1500. Like I said that's why we're kinda in financial problems right now. I'm just scraping by right now.
Mr *BLIP*: Ok. Let's go through this again. 'cause we need to get this lower somehow. Your mortgage your paying… Your rent.. Right you're paying exactly 600 a month.

CS: Yes.
Mr *BLIP*: Your automobile payment. You do not have one correct?


Correct. No payments
Mr *BLIP*: Your Allstate insurance is running at exactly $150.

That's actually low but it's at least that much. It might be a little higher now because we've had a traffic ticket.

Mr *BLIP*: So… Ok.. Your… Your electric and gas is running at $150 a month each.


Mr *BLIP*: And you're paying $180 for your cellphone.
CS: Yea and that's…
Mr *BLIP*: How much is your cellphone?
CS: My cellphone is at least $180. That's a low estimate because sometimes I go over my minutes.

Mr *BLIP*:

And you're paying $50 for cable and that includes your internet access?
CS: Correct.
Mr *BLIP*: Yea. The problem that we're running into right now for a modification is that you're too negative for a modification… or a deferment for that matter.
CS: Well I do have… We can probably do the income about 2000 dollars.
Mr *BLIP*:

So now you're saying your income is about 2000 dollars a month?

CS: Based on some things that should be happening here so… Between two and three thousand is what we're projecting but just we can go with two thousand to be on the safe side because I don't want to state it too high.
Mr *BLIP*:

Hold on one second. *Hold music plays*

CS: And sir. Uhm… Now when you said business took a dive, you mean you lost clients?
Mr *BLIP*: Yes. I lost some clients and also I was doing some real estate transactions. Before we were fixing up some homes. We were looking to get into that business as well but that didn't go over very well. Actually I'm in foreclosure on several of those homes and also the market took a dive. But you don't need to hear all those excuses. That's basically just…

CS: No. I do need to hear all those things because I need to know exactly what's going on. Uhm… Now you said business is going to pick up?
Mr *BLIP*: Uhm… Well the real estate business for now is.. we're not going to do too much of that. In terms the… my consulting business where I do technology consulting and website design, I'm still doing that and that's where we're going to expand in order to use that for a primary income. And so that's why we're projecting $2000 maybe $3000 in the next couple of months that we should be able to start making on the web site design business. *silence*

Is there a certain…

CS: You said your insurance went up a little bit? What is it now?
Mr *BLIP*: What was that?
CS: You said your insurance went up a little bit?
Mr *BLIP*: Well. It might. Like I said, we just got a speeding ticket.
CS: Oh. You don't know yet…?
Mr *BLIP*: It may have affected the… I'll just say $150 is actually a very conservative estimate. Also we have health insurance that we're paying… other bills.. that wasn't really part of your questions but… that's most of the bills right there.


You said you had other bills? What are these other bills?
Mr *BLIP*: We have health insurance that we pay and that's 200 dollars a month. That's for self employed health insurance.


Is basically what you're saying that if we're not making enough, our options are limited because we're not able to modify the loan in any way?
Mr *BLIP*: Well… I'm working on that right now. I'm trying to get that done for ya. I just need the best information I can possibly get from ya… in order to make an educated decision here.
CS: Sure.
Mr *BLIP*: Believe me. I'm working on it as we speak.


Thank you very much.
Mr *BLIP*: Health insurance is running $200 a month?


Mr *BLIP*: Ok. What we can do is get you a deferment. Apparently you're not going to be approved for the modification.
CS: Ok.
Mr *BLIP*: But the deferment will get you another two months to let you get back on your feet. *Windows sound effect* Plus take your past amount and add it on the back of the loan.
CS: Ok. That sounds really reasonable.
Mr *BLIP*: I'm sorry that does what?
CS: Sounds very reasonable.
Mr *BLIP*: Ok.
CS: What does deferment mean? It means the loan is the way it normally is with no modifications to the payments? It's just we'll just have a couple of months to get going on the finances?
Mr *BLIP*: Correct. What we'll do is once… err… The deferment is good for one year meaning in a year from now if things change. You make your 12 payments. You can then possible get a modification or deferment. You'll give us your new information at that point in time. But…Look… You won't be able to get anything else from us for a year. For twelve payments I should say.

CS: So that's what you're saying it's a twelve payment deferral, correct?
Mr *BLIP*: No. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry if I've confused you. It's a two payment deferral. We're going to take the two payments that are past due after you make the payment for $220.46. I'm sorry $220.48. The payments that are past due, we're going to add them to the back of the loan. We're also going to take your April payment and add that to the back of the loan. Here's what you need to do in order to get that. Ok. You make the payment for the $220.48 which is your February payment. We will waive the late charge also. That's a total of $60 dollars. Now in order to get that, you make the payment. We're going to e-mail you some information. It's a new contract. So you're going to sign that. It's not even a contract. It's just a statement saying we're going to get it from you. You're going to sign that and fax that back to our office … by the 31


CS: Ok
Mr *BLIP*: In order to get that done, we need the payment made by the 30th so we can get you all the information set out for you.

CS: So as soon as you get the payment you can… we can get going with the payment deferral… for two months.
Mr *BLIP*: Yea. The sooner the better because it gives you more time to gather whatever information you need to gather which isn't really anything except you checking your e-mail. When people send a fax, we don't necessarily always get it. You wanna check that. Make sure we check the fax then you're good to go.

CS: Ok. Uhm. Now if we're not able to go with this plan, what.. what's our downside? 'cause I'm looking at all our options.
Mr *BLIP*:

Then I can't help you. Unfortunately there are no other options at that point. If payment is not made by the 31
I need to then go ahead and forward this over to the legal department.

CS: So we're pretty much out of time at this point, right?

Mr *BLIP*:

CS: Alright. Uhm.
Mr *BLIP*:

I just want to be as brutally honest with you as I can right now.

CS: No I appreciate that. I'm just.. At the same time I don't want to sign up… something I may or may not deliver. That's why I want to consider. After two payments, if we're not able to continue making the payments, are we going to be worst off than we are now or is it at least… we've tried something?
Mr *BLIP*: Here's the deal. By one, you're going to clear out your credit, OK? Because we're going to bring your payments current. You're not going to be hit with a 30 day mark. It's alsogoing to buy you two more months, by that time the business is hopefully going to pick up.
CS: Yes, so that's good.
Mr *BLIP*: Your [family] is thinking about going back to work.
CS: Yea. Exactly.
Mr *BLIP*: I'm sure in two months period of time, you're going to be getting everything straightened out that's going to be straightened out. Uhm. This is going to buy you the two months if nothing else. You're going to be much worst off if you can't do it. Of course it's not going to be good if you can't do it. You'll be back in the same situation. But it sounds to me like you want to get this taken care of…It sounds to me like…
CS: Oh yeah I'm looking for all different options. I don't enjoy not making these payments.
Mr *BLIP*: No. I understand completely.
CS: I have these creditors and so… I'm sure you deal with people in this situation all the time so you hear all sorts of excuses but… Yea. It's definitely tough right now.
Mr *BLIP*: It would also stop all phone calls which I'm sure is probably pretty stressful. Uhm…
CS: Yea.
Mr *BLIP*: You're going to be clear for two months of not getting any phone calls. And hopefully you're going to be able to maintain you monthly payment and then you won't be getting any more phone calls. But… that always helps… You're not looking at the possibility of *unintelligible* at your apartment for at least two more months, you know. And then you have a few more months after that. You still have two more months before that happens. So you're actually buying yourself quite a bit of time.
CS: Yea. It's good to know. I really appreciate you being reasonable. And I know I have been not very good at returning those calls.
Mr *BLIP*: Well, I understand you know, you don't call when you don't have it and I kinda follow that. It is important though to remain communication open so we know what's going on and we know what to do for ya.
CS: Yeah. Now let me just ask about another option 'cause we're looking at all options. I mean we're looking to see if we can make payment plans with all the different creditors. Of course bankruptcy is still an option for us but we're not sure we wanna go that route. And then is there an option to maybe do a settlement if we're able to borrow some money somewhere from a friend and family and do maybe a refinance settlement at a lower amount? Is that an option?

Mr *BLIP*: Yea. We can.. We definitely do settlements here.
CS: What kind of a settlement can we be looking at?

Mr *BLIP*:

It would really depend on what you've got going on at the time you had the money.
CS: Ok so basically…
Mr *BLIP*: I can't really give you a figure right now.
CS: Ok. And would you be the one to deal with on the settlement? Or is there somebody else?
Mr *BLIP*: Yea. You can deal with me directly. That's fine.
CS: Ok. And then for the settlement. Once we have our money, you just need to know how much we have available and then we can talk at that point or.. how do you do it?
Mr *BLIP*: Yea that's what we would *unintelligible*


'cause I need to know…
Mr *BLIP*: Of course everytime you make a payment, you're bringing down your balance which in that turn is bringing down your settlement amount so there's… I mean once you have the money today or tomorrow there's no point in me giving you a settlement amount because it's going to change the remark.
CS: I need to know what to expect 'cause then I need to be checking into my sources and see what we can come up with.
Mr *BLIP*: Right now I can pretty much approve you for a $9752 settlement.
CS: Is that… That's… That's pretty much the pay out.
Mr *BLIP*: That's what I'd be wanting to ask of anybody. Now your problem is $10374.91
CS: So by about $1000 difference.
Mr *BLIP*: If you have the funds right now, I really need to know .. and say let's say you had… I don't even want to give you figures… I don't want to throw you off. You know what I mean? But if you have a lot of money right now and it is what you feel like. By all means I'm going to take it to whoever I need to take it to to see if we can get it done for ya.
CS: Yeah. I see.
Mr *BLIP*: That's why I'm saying. When you've got the money, let's talk then.
CS: OK. That makes sense. Like I said, we're looking at that as a possibility. We've have some people in our circle of influence that told us we might be able to do a settlement and if we could find a way to borrow money where it might be better off for everybody rather than stringing everybody along. So we're looking at that.
Mr *BLIP*: Right.
CS: So.
Mr *BLIP*: That helps you credit too by taking care of this really quick…
CS: With your settlement. Is there going to be something reported to credit that it was paid for less than the full amount.
Mr *BLIP*: Of course. Of course. It's paid less than full. Yes. It'll appear on your report… As for any credit company.
CS: But I guess it's better than some of the other options.
Mr *BLIP*: I'm sorry. What was that?
CS: It might be better than some of the other options, right?

Mr *BLIP*:

Oh of course. It's better than a bankruptcy. It's better than… err..
CS: Late balance…
Mr *BLIP*: Whoa.. Whoa wait.. exactly… continuous late.
CS: ok
Mr *BLIP*: *unintelligible* credit party *unintelligible*
CS: Sounds good. And.. Has this one report… been reported already to the credit.
Mr *BLIP*: Yes. The report is 30 days delinquent.
CS: Ok. Sounds good. Alright… Well…
Mr *BLIP*: Once we give you the deferment, we bring that current. Your credit will no longer be reported. I wanna be honest with you. I've been in the credit industry a long time. Having one late 30 day mark on your credit report … It's not a big deal.

Yea well…

Mr *BLIP*: It's when you continuously have that mark, and its continuously on all your accounts, and you know its all the time, then it's when the credit industry is going to say well something is going on with him that isn't too right, you know. Everyone gets their one mark you know once in a while. It just happens.

You see actually… With this loan… With Cashcall we've been paying this the very longest. Everything else we're about 6 months behind. We're only 2 months behind. We're just trying to find a way to at least pay for this one and a couple of other ones. But .. uhm so.. but it's anyway…

Mr *BLIP*: So what's the game plan right now? You tell me.


The game plan is for me to check with my [family]. She's my partner and we're going to consider this option and we do really like the ability to, you know, skip a couple of payments and not get caught out so… I need to get back to you uhm.. probably within a day here.. 'cause we're running out of time so…
Mr *BLIP*: Yea.. Yea.. That'll be great. So I'll expect a call from you tomorrow?
CS: Let's err.. Let's do something tomorrow afternoon. I should be able to get back to you on something.
Mr *BLIP*: Let me give you my hours I'm here tomorrow. I'm here tomorrow from 9 to 6. However I might be staying a little later. Going to take a break from 1 to 2.

CS: Ok and that's Pacific?
Mr *BLIP*: Yes. Yes, sir.
CS: Sounds good. Thank you.
Mr *BLIP*: Ok. Have a good day. Good Luck.

Second Call

Mr *BLIP*: Thank you for calling Cashcall. Can I please have your loan ID number?
CS: Let me give you my social security number instead.
Mr *BLIP*: Sure.
Mr *BLIP*: This is Casey Serin?
CS: Yea. Getting back to you.. Been talking with my [family] about the plan that we discussed couple of days ago and wanted to know, is there any possible way we can do the plan by not having to pay the full month payment? Because we literally have $40 in our checking account. Can we do $40?
Mr *BLIP*: No. It'll have to be the $220.48.
CS: $220.48?
Mr *BLIP*: Yea. It's the only way I can hold this file.


Ok. So… So if I don't have this full payment, there is nothing else you can do at this point?
Mr *BLIP*: Well, actually let me put a supervisor on the phone. Maybe you can ask her to let you do something. Just wait a sec. Ok? Hold on. *Hold music plays*
Supervisor: This is *unintelligible* supervisor. How can I help you?
CS: I was just discussing a payment plan with *BLIP* there.
Supervisor: Ok? How can I help you sir?
CS: And he said the minimum payment that you'd need to do a payment plan is one month's payment, correct?
Supervisor: I'm sorry…? Is one month's payment?
CS: Yea. It was 200 something dollars…. And that's what I was saying and I just wanted to know is there any way I can do less than that… all I have in my checking account is $40. Would you take $40 to do the payment plan?
Supervisor: No sir. Unfortunately we can't do that. You're borderline 3 months past due.
CS: Ok. Uhm… I might be able to get some more money. What's the minimum you're going to be able to take? I don't think we can come up with $200 in the next couple of days. We just paid rent and uhm…
Supervisor: Ok. Why is your account running this far past due?
CS: We've have some business problems and our income kind of dropped off for a few months and right now we're trying to get it back up.
Supervisor: Ok. I barely heard what you said, sir.
CS: Oh, I was saying business took a dive and uh… our incoming dropped so we're trying to get it back up… And or looking for a job that we can do. We do have somethings that we do right now but there's not a lot of stability.
Supervisor: Ok. You barely had this account for a year and not even made a full twelve payments on it. When do you think you'll be back on your feet? Well I was speaking with Mr *BLIP* and he was saying I could do a two month delay on payments. And then we… We can submit you for a two month deferment.
CS: Ok. I was under the impression that…
Supervisor: Oh… Ok no. He just told me that you'd been pre-approved but that's on contingent upon payment of $220.48 in my office no later than 12pm Eastern Standard Time tomorrow. It actually expires today.
CS: Ok.
Supervisor: If you can come up with it by 12 o'clock tomorrow. I will be here until then. I'll go ahead and accept that.


Ok… Uhm… Can you do any less than that? No, sir. They will no accept… The investors will not accept any more…
Supervisor: I'll tell you what. If you're able to do that, I'll offer to wipe off your $60 in late charges.


So what would it be…? my payment…
Supervisor: Your payments are $220.48

Ok. So the $60 late charges. That would be just for this last month you mean?

Supervisor: No, that's all of your late charges, the $60 total. I'll wipe that to a zero balance.
CS: Oh. Ok.
Supervisor: I do appreciate that. So uh… $220.48 by 12pm… tomorrow.
CS: Ahmm… And do you have the Moneygram information?
Supervisor: Ok. Moneygram is the way to do it, right?
CS: Ahmm…
Supervisor: So…Is it… Which date.. Which time stamp are we using… Basically I need to put it into Moneygram by 12pm or does it need to arrive on your side by 12. As long as you do it by 12 and call me to tell me a few minutes after. I'm fine.

CS: Ok. Should I uhm… I'm going to see what I can do. I'll check some resources… Maybe ask some friends and see what we can do. Ok. Thank you very much.
Supervisor: Alright?
CS: Appreciate it.
Supervisor: Alright. Thank you, sir. Bye-bye.

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