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My True Credit Score / FICO Score

I listened to you guys from last post on my credit score and tried a couple of other credit score services: and

I think service I used to look up my credit score before is either inaccurate or lagging. They are definitely not living up to their name. The three credit scores are way too high considering that I am in foreclosure and delinquent on most of my accounts. So I cancelled the service, saving me $9.95/mo.

I like these guys better. The first one, gave me my Equifax score. The second is my Experian score. I took advantage of the free trial, though you can pay a little extra and see all three scores. This is a much more realistic credit score picture:

Myfico Equifax Score

Experian Score

All this FICO score and credit score can be confusing. It was helpful for me to learn more about FICO score here and read up Wikipedia’s Credit Score article.

I’m still confused. There are so many different scoring models and methods, its mind boggling. It’s amazing how we all call it a “FICO” score but there are different results based on weather a consumer is pulling their credit score versus a mortgage brokers, etc. I’m still trying to make sense of this whole credit score / FICO score mess.

By the way, your comments on the last post about my high credit score have been helpful. Thanks!

Update: I remembered that my Washington Mutual (formally Providian) credit card gives me a free TransUnion score and even has a cool little chart. Check it out:

Transunion Credit Score

So my three scores are: Equifax 459, Experian 514, TransUnion 490. I wonder if things can get any worse…

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