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My Goals For December

This morning I woke up at 5:55 AM right on schedule and went outside for a 3 mile run. It feels good to be an early riser! To reward myself I went to Jamba Juice for a wheat grass shot and orange/banana juice. Then I walked next door to Starbucks to plan out the month on my PDA (I didn’t buy anything). Here is what I wrote:


1. Sell/Wrap/Lease Burdett, Larchmont, Muncy
2. Organize Accounting
3. Plan and (maybe) re-launch
4. Setup CRM and call all personal contacts to catchup
5. Plan for 2007

Week 1: 3-10
promote houses like crazy
– list on or IamFacingForeclosure ?
– call loan brokers
– craigslist daily
– newspaper
– flyers in area
– mailers to area

Week 2: 10-16
College (Seminar)
– continue marketing, returning calls on breaks

Week 3: 17-23
– finish houses
– accounting
– budget for 2007
– start calling people

Week 4: 24-30
– finish calling
– plan for next year


I don’t have time to explain it all right now because I need to hop into the shower and get going with the day. I have a busy Saturday ahead of me because I want to get a head start on marketing those houses. I haven’t been doing enough of it in the past several weeks. It’s time to launch a new wave and finally get it done!

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