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Money Raised, CashCall Payment Sent!

Huge thanks to the generous readers and all the nice haters for donating enough money last night to allow me to make the CashCall payment and receive a 2 month deferment on payments.

It was a crazy night. I was answering hard questions and doing stuff to get donations. Read the comments to see what I’m talking about.

My PayPal account was going crazy too, upto to almost $1,000 at one point and then back down to $300. There was a payment of $850 but apparently it was fraudulent or sent by mistake. PayPal sent me a complaint email so I reversed the payment right away to avoid any issues. I still don’t know what happened there. I have a feeling somebody was messing with me. There were a few comments about it but I never figured it out.

In total I raised $378.28 (as of 1PM) and there should be more the way. Screen shots of my PayPal account at different times last night:

Screen_103 March 30, 2007 09.47 PM

Screen_104 March 31, 2007 12.14 AM

I woke up late this morning and called CashCall to ask for an extension. They gave me an extra hour till 1PM to get the payment in. I used my PayPal debit card to sent a MoneyGram from WalMart. Here is the payment:

CashCall payment

I guess it can’t hurt to ask for donations sometimes… what an awesome community we have here!

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