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Meeting Robert Kiyosaki Next Week!

I am Meeting Robert Kiyosaki Next Week! My bookshelf

Robert Kiyosaki (The real Rich Dad) saw me in Monday’s USA Today article and agreed to meet me next week to hear more about my Facing Foreclosure story… Unbelievable!

This is amazing! I’ve been reading this guy for years!

Robert’s original Rich Dad Poor Dad book is what really got me started on getting out of the “Rat Race“.

I have always been entrepreneurial and had a dream to retire young and use my money/time to do good works. But I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Reading Robert Kiyosaki’s books and playing the CASHFLOW Board Game cleared things up and showed me the way to get there. I just picked up the latest one he wrote with that other guy… It’s awesome!

So… thanks to RK and his ideas, I am now Facing Foreclosure. (Just kidding!) I think the ideas are good but my execution and risk management wasn’t so good. And I should have never compromised my integrity. Painful lessons. Anyway…

The Plan?

I will be at the RichDad headquarters in Phoenix Arizona next Tuesday and Wednesday (and maybe longer).

I don’t exactly know what I’m going to be doing. The whole things just kind of happened all of a sudden and I’m just going with it. I have been very blessed with this opportunity and I’m very excited to see what may come next!


Huge thanks to Prlinkbiz of for contacting me and putting this whole thing together! She works with Kim Kiyosaki to develop See her post What Goes Around, Comes Around for how this opportunity came together.

Also thanks to John Seiferth for helping out. (Check him out on YouTube and wsRadio)

And since I was really hurting for cash, big thanks to fellow real estate entrepreneur from southern California, Todd Gregory of, who graciously sponsored my airfare and hotel.

Do YOU have any Questions for Robert Kiyosaki?

From the back of the book:

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, is a multi-millionaire investor, entrepreneur, author and teacher. Robert has sold 26 million books translated in 46 languages and has been on The New York Times best seller list for almost 6 years.

If you can ask Robert one good question or give him one good business idea, what would it be?

Please reply with your questions/ideas via comments below. I will take the 10 best questions and the 10 best ideas and present them to Robert next week. This may be a very unique opportunity for Robert to hear from “the average man on the street”.

Fire away!

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