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Last Foreclosure… No Houses, No Money, No Stereo


Today I lost my last property to foreclosure. The worst part is that BOTH the first and second approved the short sale but the first (Countrywide) refused to give the buyer a small extension to close. They had a solid offer for $300,000 on the table!

The pool and spa is still a mess as you can see above. I was going to try to empty it out with a cheap rented pump the other day to give the new buyers and neighbors a favor but the job was too much for me to handle. The pool needs to be professionally drained and cleaned. I would have just created a bigger mess if I tried it myself…

I don’t know the result of the foreclosure auction because I didn’t make it there. Our (bitter) sweet Jetta got broken into at night. They broke the passenger window, ripped out the stereo and took the box of 12 inch subwoofers from the trunk.

Jetta got broken into at night

On top of that our auto insurance was canceled due to non-payment.

Oh and and on top of that we owe 2 months of rent and utilities and the patience has run out. We are expected to have that money in certified form by May 1st and also pre-pay 2 months of rent in advance if we are to stay here.

No properties, no money, no insurance and no car stereo (and could be no more place to live soon too).

Still overwhelmed by it all with about a thousand emails in my inbox to process, over 30 voice mail messages to return, a pile of unopened mail, unfinished taxes, marriage issues, piles of unsecured debt.

At the same time there are many good opportunities on the horizon, including a possible job, but nothing is certain right now and everything takes longer then you think. Can’t depend on any one thing.

It was good to take a week break from blogging though and think about stuff, including the future of this foreclosure blog.

What’s next? Good question…

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