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Introducing I am Facing Foreclosure Sponsors

As some of you have noticed in the sidebar I have some sponsors. I would like to introduce them to you:

Sell Your House Fast:

Home Buyers

House Buyer Network™ is North America’s largest home selling solutions service. Our professional, experienced home buyers have processed more than $25 billion in property since 2002 and over $12 billion in 2006 alone. We buy houses across the U.S. and Canada, so our home buyers can assist you in the home selling process no matter where you need to sell a house. We’re also the only company who gives you two options for selling a house fast.

This house buying service is great if you are trying to stop foreclosure like me or just want to talk to a local real estate investor about selling your house quick.

Of course, it helps to have some equity in your property. I actually tried contacting some of my local investors associates when I first started this blog in trying to see if anybody wants to take over my deals. Well since I was so over-leveraged nobody really wanted to take my “sinking ships”. I don’t blame them.

However I did work with an investor on negotiating a short sale (to sell the property for less than what I owe). I’m also getting help from real estate agent(s) who specialize in doing short sales.

The nice part about the House Buyer Network is that they will give you two options for selling a house fast. 1) They will put you in touch with a local investor and 2) they will put you in touch with a local “fast sale” agent.

Between the two you should be able to get some good advice and help with selling your house fast. There is no cost for this service. (I might actually use them to help me find a new Realtor and/or investor for my New Mexico and Burdett properties).

The reason I feel pretty good recommending their house buying service over the other “We Buy Houses” guys (many of them are scams, believe me, I know) is because they are very picky about selecting their local investor partners.

For example they wouldn’t let me take the Sacramento area (it’s available). Something about that I don’t have 2 years of full-time successful house buying experience. And I’m sure the thing about me facing foreclosure didn’t help much either.

Learn to Invest Without Paying Thousands of Bucks:

The people behind House Buyer Network just launched a new real estate investing education website.

Real Estate Investors .TV

Real Estate Investors.TV is the premiere real estate investment education website that includes the best online learning content from some of today’s leading real estate investment gurus.

I have spent over $30,000 on real estate investing education in the last two years: seminars, “boot camps”, books, tapes, etc. Now, I’m not saying it was all bad but a lot of it was “fluffy” and seemed overpriced (yeah I know, I got sold). One things for sure, is that some of the real estate “gurus” make more money selling seminars then they do on actual investing of their own.

I am actually glad to see that somebody went out there and put together some quality videos, audio and print materials from the “gurus” in one place for just 40 bucks per month for unlimited usage. And we’re talking full-length meat-and-potatoes videos, not teasers.

I still don’t know how they convinced these investing gurus to offer their stuff for next to nothing. You can see from my closet shelf that some of the courses that I paid thousands of dollars for are now available for a small monthly fee.


Instead of the typical motivational “You Will be Rich Tomorrow” rah-rah (I know all about that) the focus of Real Estate Investors .TV is to give you nuts-and-bolts training that you can start to implement right away and learn to do real estate deals one-at-a-time with little risk. (Sorry, no crazy 8-houses-at-once with 100% liar loans cash-back-at-closing techniques covered here).

I was told that they don’t just let any guru on there. The gurus and videos are hand-picked for quality, ethics (I like this) and actionable content. Because of that there are very few mainstream gurus. Maybe because the “fluff factor” is higher on those guys.

I asked them why Robert Kiyosaki is not on there. The answer is because Kiyosaki’s stuff is meant more to be theory big-picture type of stuff and not necessary actionable step-by-step content.

Anyway, check out REI.TV while it lasts. This is some of the cheapest real estate investing education you will find.

(If you pickup a sweet deal as a result you owe me a wheat grass shot from Jamba Juice!)

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