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Homeless Dude Trespassing on My Property

Homeless Person Living in the Car on My Property

That’s right, there is a homeless guy living in that blue car on my Burdett property. (The boat is my neighbor’s and he will be removing it now that the house is listed on the MLS and ready for showing). The homeless guy wasn’t in the car when I was taking the picture.

I’ve seen him before inside that car except the car was parked on the street in front of the house. The neighbor has seen him there too on and off for months now. I have been ignoring the problem for a while because I was too busy to deal with it.

Then about a month ago I saw the homeless dude there and talked to him. He said he is there to check for the mail since he doesn’t have a forwarding address. He told me he used to live in the house back when I had it leased out last year. I never met him before and he wasn’t listed on the application so apparently he was living in the house last year without my permission. I told him he needs to get going because I’m selling the house. He said he will go get gas and move the car that same day. That never happened.

So this time (on Saturday) I see the car parked on my driveway as you can see from the picture above! On top of that, I find the guy put a lock on the gate so I couldn’t open it! I also notice the grass has been mowed and watered. The neighbor said the homeless guy did that. Is he trying to take care of the house so I would be nice to him or what?

Either way trespassing on my property is not cool, so I try to figure out what to do:

  1. I call the police and they said they can’t move the car because it hasn’t been reported stolen.
  2. I talk to code enforcement to report an abandoned car and they said they can’t do anything about this because the car is on my property and not on the street. They say I need to call a towing company and they will tow it for free and charge the car owner.
  3. I call my road-side assistance program that I just ordered. They are NOT willing to help me because I don’t own the car and they say this is something the police is supposed to do.
  4. I call the police again and explain my situation again thinking maybe they didn’t understand me the first time but the guy told me for sure they don’t do this kind of thing and said I should call around and find a towing company that will.
  5. After several calls to a bunch of different companies I FINALLY find a company that is willing to tow the car for me but they only work Monday through Friday 8 to 5. (This was on Saturday.)
  6. So I left a note on the car saying that the car will be towed on Monday.
  7. Today I found from the neighbor or the agent (I forget) that the car is now on the street.
  8. So I called code enforcement and report an abandoned car.
  9. They said it will take 1-3 days to get it towed.

We will see…

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