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Holiday Pictures

Sorry for slow updates… here are some pictures from last few days.

Presents with the Mrs.
Opening presents with Mrs. Serin Our 3rd Christmas together.

Getting Things Done Book
Getting Things Done Book Sweet! I’ve been wanting to read this for a long time… wait a minute… is she trying to tell me something?

Stockings at my Parents’ place
Stockings at my Parents' placeOur traditional Christmas Eve gift exchange is about to begin… guess who the spoiled one is?

Christmas Gifts from Family
Christmas Gifts from Family A tie and gifts cards for books and juice. Energizer batteries to remind me to "keep going".

Cleaning Up After Gifts
Cleaning Up After Gift Exchange Fun with wrapping paper.

Traditional Family Feast
Traditional Family Feast At the in-laws: the main course of "Plov" and salads is out of the way and now it’s desert time and of course hot “Chai”.

Hard Drive About to Crash
Hard Drive About to Crash Good thing I have a recent backup and a $75 gift certificate to Best Buy.

Wells Fargo Account
Wells Fargo Account Right after I closed the checking and savings accounts to prevent them from picking my pocket. Now all I have left is abuncha debt.

No Banks Needed
For Sale By Owner Sign - No Banks Needed I finally put up a For Sale By Owner sign on the Burdett property to generate some calls. Qualified buyers get a discount. Credit-challenged buyers take over payments.

Homeless Car, Neighbor’s Boat
Burdett: Homeless Car and Neighbor's Boat I think there is a somebody living in that car. I’ve seen it there several times. Today I saw some dude sleeping inside. The neighbor volunteered to put his boat in the driveway to make the house look occupied.

Mail Spilling Over
Mail Spilling Over I haven’t been at the Budett property in a while and the mail is spilling over. Why isn’t the forwarding working?

Signs on Poles are Illegal
Hanging Signs on Posts is Illegal I considered putting up a similar sign to market my own properties but it’s actually illegal.

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