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Have You Been Foreclosed Upon?

Have you been foreclosed upon?

The reality is finally setting in. I have actually been foreclosed upon!

I was talking with my wife this morning. I told her the reality of the situation. Upto this point she was under the impression that even though there may be a foreclosure, her credit will be preserved, since the hard money lender agreed not to report. You guys are right though. The public records will most likely make it on our credit report eventually. I’m not exactly sure how the FICO is going to be affected. We’ll see.

If we are going to be honest on any future loan applications, we’ll have to check YES on the question about foreclosure.

Foreclosure is for LIFE!

She is VERY disappointed with me. She told me to take care of the deed in lieu right away. I had a chance to do it last Monday before the Phoenix trip. I waited. That’s because I was talking to the East Coast Mentor at that time and he recommended I wait until we can start recording our mentoring calls. He was going to give me some advice about it. He said, that I can always overnight it to the lender. And then I went to Phoenix and had the fallout.

I don’t blame the East Coast Mentor though. I should have sent that deed in right away no matter what. I should have listened to my wife. Of course, there is no guarantee the lender was going to accept it a week before the foreclosure auction. But it would have still been the best thing to do.

Now we’ll both have to live with a foreclosure in our past. Yes, I know, the foreclosure mark will come off the record in 7 years. But still, there is no way to erase the event from the past. It happened. Foreclosure is for life!

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