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Get Foreclosure Help by Drinking Fresh Juice

Making Fresh Juice

I am serious. I found drinking freshly squeezed juice in the morning gives me energy to cope with stress of foreclosure and debt. Aside from being a healthy morning habit and amazing cleansing benefits, I also found fresh juice (with ginger added) wakes me up better than coffee and doesn’t cause “the jitters”. Home squeezing is also higher quality and cheaper than Jamba Juice. (I gotta get a special wheatgrass juicer one of these days too).

Here is Dr. Mercola on juicing. The only thing I don’t agree with him is he recommends avoiding fruit juice and sweet veggies like carrots because it raises insulin and what not. Other expert praise the wonders of carrot juice. I guess there are trade-offs like with everything in life.

I love my sweet juice. It helps me cope with foreclosure and debt.

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