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From Foreclosure to Success: 120 Days

Yesterday marked 120 days until my 25th birthday on September 10th. I like round dates and I like challenges. My 25th birthday is a big deal for me. I must have a turnaround story by then. I’m sick of not being able to pay my debts and all this financial instability. Because of it my marriage is seriously on the rocks


  1. Marriage – start counseling, address her concerns, etc..
  2. Cashflow – control expenses and create stable income
  3. Progress – focus on key opportunities and big deals

Foreclosure and non foreclosure opportunities available to me:

This is the stuff I’ve had brewing over the last 8-9 months. Most of these came as a direct result from my foreclosure experience and blogging about it.

  • Website/blog development and consulting – $50/hour+
  • Continue monetizing this foreclosure blog with advertising, sponsorships and affiliate commissions: $1,000-3,000/mo
  • Review foreclosure related services and products: $250-500 per review
  • Help people stop foreclosure by offering and/or referring consulting, loss mitigation, short sale assistance, buying their house, etc: $ varies
  • Be a student advisor for real estate investing college and make 50% commission selling tuition: upto $8,000 per sale
  • Create and sell book(s) and info products around my foreclosure story: $ varies
  • Work as an account executive with a commercial capital / brokerage firm on big deals 10 million and up: $50,000+ commissions/fees per deal
  • Invest in private equity funds and high-return real estate developments/deals: 24-60%+ returns
  • Wholesale/assign (or assist in) real estate deals: $2-10K+ per deal
  • Almost-guaranteed roulette strategy: $100-500/session
  • More beg-a-thons?

That’s a lot of great opportunities. I may or may not do them all. Part of the challenge is going to be focusing on the right opportunities and managing my time ruthlessly.

Creating stable income is the first order of business though – whether is a job or contract work (I prefer the latter).

It’s time for massive focused action…

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