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Foreclosure Blog Advertising Renewals, and More Traffic / Media Traffic

[Here is a letter I sent to my advertisers and supporterz, headings/links added:]

Dear I am Facing Foreclosure .com sponsors,

Sorry for all the craziness that has been happening. As some of you know, I decided to bring the foreclosure blog back up mainly in order to honor my previous contract with my publisher and avoid legal trouble.

Making money from blog advertising is the best way for me right now to stay afloat and feed my family. While, making money from future foreclosure / blogging info products and book series is the best way for me to start paying off my debts. I may get a W2 job if needed but for now I must take advantage of my only asset which is this foreclosure blog…

Haterz trying to ruin my ability to support my family!

Unfortunately many people out there are trying to sabotage my abilities to make money by spreading slanted / false information, ripping off my copyrighted content, posting my private emails and crap like that.

I’m here in Australia temporarily but I’m still working on ironing out my family situation and one of the best ways for me to be a good provider is to continue generating income.

Foreclosure blog traffic is increasing!

While all this is happening this foreclosure blog continues to get great traffic, and exposure from the media like the recent SpokesmanReview and CNet (with audio) / ZDNet articles (which was also picked up by ZDNet Australia and New York Times).

I was also interviewed by BBC radio a couple of weeks ago and that will be coming out soon internationally. I have other interviews like by GoDaddy radio and other things in the works.

As you know, I refunded all the sponsors based on what each of you desired to get back. After coming back online I kept the advertising going to give you good value.

(By the way, you can always check current traffic charts here)

Choices for I am Facing Foreclosure Advertisers

At this point I need to know who WILL NOT be renewing the advertising so that I can take the links down and make room available for people in my waiting list.

If YOU ARE going to stay a sponsor I will honor the original pricing and if you wish we can do a weekly payment so that you’re not worried about the blog going down.

Please let me know either way, as soon as you can and I’ll send you payment links.

Thanks for your support!!

– – – END OF EMAIL – – –

New Advertisers or Supporterz

Check out the advertising page for rates and packages. Or you can be one of my Occasional Supporterz with a payment of $50 or more. In return for your payment you will get a link in the “Last 5 Supporterz” in the side bar and on the Supporterz page.

Supporterz Talkcast planned:

By the way, I was just notified that one of my supporters is going to do a Casey Supporterz FIGHT BACK! Talkcast this Friday at 5 EDT. I will try to make it on and say a few words as well as answer questions. All haterz and supporters are welcome to participate.

By the way, I’m in the process of training a person to moderate the comments, so I will be releasing the almost 500 comments waiting in que hopefully tomorrow. Feel free to continue leaving your comments.

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