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Foreclosed, Hated and Down

I don’t mind being foreclosed and “The world’s most hated blogger” but being down really REALLY sucks!

With the CNET coverage yesterday (and also a Podcast and a similar article on ZDNet) being down all day was very very bad.

My old provider has been coming down quite often because my site has been going over the CPU usage quota a lot. So I wanted to switch it over to dedicated for some time. My old provider was taking a loooong time to get the dedicated server provisioned…

I didn’t want to risk anymore downtime so I went ahead and bought a dedicated box from Go daddy’s crappy server didn’t work even though I followed the instructions precisely. They also refused to give me support since I bought the bare-bones self-supported server for $80.

So I switched the site back to my old provider yesterday, knowing that I may come down again if the site hits the CPU limit (it’s a semi-dedicated box and they don’t want any one site to tie up the CPU too much). I can put in a ticket and they will bring it back up but there will be 10-30 mintues of downtime. That’s still better than being down the whole day!

But at the same time the semi-dedicated server is free, thanks to So I can’t complain too much. I just wish we planned this out a little better.

I’m told I will be in the slideshow at #3 position on the front page of MSN tonight midnight until 9am tomorrow PST.

This is the worst time to have server downtime!! All you other bloggers, learn from me and make sure your blog has rock-solid hosting. You never know when you get featured somewhere and get tons of traffic over night.

Speaking of traffic and exposure (and haters)… my wife wants me to shut the blog down. She has had enough and she has very valid points. So I have a very hard decision to make. I will save that for another post.

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