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Facing Foreclosure As Seen on TV and San Francisco Chronicle

Here is some media coverage of “I am Facing Foreclosure .com” from last week. Both the TV and the newspaper coverage is a good recap of my story – for those who haven’t read the rest of the blog yet.

First, San Francisco KRON Chanel 4. Thanks to Maureen Kelly for coming out to Sacramento area and interviewing me at Karen’s Bakery coffee shop in Folsom.

(Video requires Windows Media Player. If you have trouble with pop-ups, try this link.)

San Francisco Chronicle article:

Article went online Friday Oct 6th and in print on Sunday. Another version of online article came out on Sunday too. Pretty much the same thing with a different headline. Not sure why. Anyway…

Thanks to Carol Lloyd of Surreal Estate column in SF Chronicle (and also author of Creating a Life Worth Living) for a balanced overview of my story:

A would-be real estate mogul follows boom tips straight to bust

In politics, journalism and other image-conscious businesses, insiders know full well how to “craft a deal” in Congress or “frame a story” for the front page, but an uninitiated public often can’t tell where the truth ends and the spin begins.

Real estate, also a world where appearances often trump content, operates according to a similar couching of reality. “Putting together” a loan package, for instance, or “writing up” an offer or “leveraging” your investment — all these practices have their customary manipulations that many insiders give the nod to — even when the practices are illegal, unethical or sometimes just stupid.

So when some loudmouth neophyte comes along with the sordid blow-by-blow of his real estate dealings — from the “get real estate quick” seminars to the credit card-funded down payments, the stated income loans (a.k.a. “liar loans”) to the over-leveraged portfolio, all collapsing in multiple foreclosures — it’s a confession worth listening to.

Welcome to the world according to Casey Serin, a 24-year-old real estate investor and author of the self-flagellating blog If Robert Kiyosaki was the pin-up patriarch for the real estate boom, Casey must be the poster child for its fall.

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