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Crazy Real Estate Accounting Mess

My wife has been working on getting all our accounting in order from this crazy roller-coaster year.

Here is a shot of our living room floor. A big mess of receipts, invoices, bills, and other paperwork from all our real estate deals and travels this year. She is identifying, organizing, and sorting it all:

Crazy accounting mess

And here is a picture of a quick calendar my wife put together to figure out where we went this year. Everything from real estate investing seminars to going across 4 states baby-sitting deals:


Looks like I’ve been on the road 3 months out of the year – by plane or by car. My wife went on some of the trips with me as well.

Our taxes are going to be crazy this year. We are trying to be proactive now to avoid doing all this next April. We’re entering all the transactions into Microsoft Money and categorizing them. We have kept pretty good records of everything. It all just needs to be categorized. Lot’s of tedious work!

I’m so glad that I have a detail-oriented wife. It helps that she is working on her accounting degree too. I can’t wait until she becomes a CPA and helps me keep my crazy finances organized.

We made an agreement early on: I will make it, she will count it (and keep it safe). I’m still working on the making part… :-)

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