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Corporate Credit Seed Money Paid Off

For those who have been following this blog closely you will remember that I borrowed about $4,500 at a pretty high interest (plus points) from a private lender a few months back. That money was to pay for consulting and costs of acquiring a corporation and applying for lines of credit.

Well, the guys at Corporation Brokers finally got us to a point where we’re getting approved for business credit. We’ve been approved for a couple of small accounts (about a month ago) and the bigger ones are still on the way. It’s a process and takes time.

Today, I’m proud to say that I paid off my private lender who let me borrow the seed money. He took a big risk on me since he knew my entire foreclosure situation (hence the high interest rate).

It felt great to pay that money back! Now it’s time to start looking for some sweet deals! Maybe we’ll have a come-back story after all…

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