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Real Estate Investing College

It’s now Saturday and I finished all the classes for the week. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the education in this Real Estate Investing College as compared to other investing gurus and seminars I’ve been to. I learned a lot of good / new stuff that will help me stop foreclosure, make […]

Erin Morgan (PrLinkBiz) and Joy O’Day – NO DEAL!!

For those who have been on this blog for a while you might remember PrLinkBiz of and the Phoenix investor. Here are some old posts to refresh your memory: Meeting Robert Kiyosaki Next Week! On Rich Dad TV with Robert Kiyosaki Back Home from Phoenix What Really Happened in Phoenix Asking Prlinkbiz to void […]

What’s Next? How can I help YOU?

I’m getting a little bit of media attention lately. I never intended for this to happen. I just wanted to sell my houses quickly, avoid foreclosure, get out of debt… and tell my story in the process – to HELP people! I will continue giving you the blow-by-blow of how I’m getting out of this […]