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Attracting Credit-Challenged Buyers

That is my new flyer attracting “Credit Challenged” buyers to my Modesto Property As you can see I decided to shift my marketing focus. I took down the “honest sign” and removed the old “honest flyer“. Here is the newspaper ad I am using. It cost me $350 for 9 days. Ouch! It better work, […]

Not Your Typical Flyer

Here is a flyer that I put together for the Muncy property. The big “I am Facing Foreclosure” will hopefully attract extra attention. I am going down to the property today and will put up a For Sale By Owner sign and put my flyers in the flyer box. I offer owner financing “takeover my […]

Borrowed $3000 to launch a come back

I borrowed $3000 from a friend today. I will use this money to launch a come back. The realtor on the Dallas closing refused to get paid through escrow. So that’s where the first $650 is going. I overnighted it to him today. He promises to fax me a cancellation as soon as he gets […]

Will I Go to Jail for Mortgage Fraud?

[Photo by !borghetti used with permission.] In this blog entry I’m explaining all the potentially “shady” loan practices over the last 12 months as a real estate investor. I am trying to figure out the following: Did I commit mortgage fraud? To what extent? What are the consequences? Will I go to jail? Should I […]

Very Honest “For Sale By Owner” Sign

My For Sale by Owner sign for Muncy Modesto property with I am Facing Foreclosure. com address and my phone number. I’m really putting myself out there and taking a risk by being honest about my situation. Hopefully people will sense the urgency and help find me a buyer. I was a little embarrassed putting […]