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Australia and Idiot Haterz

In Australia

Yes, I’m here in Australia. The rumors are true. But a lot of people are slanting the story to make it seem worse than it is. These people are spreading crap about me to ruin anything left of my name and ruining the reputation of everybody who is associated with me.

No, I did not leave my wife penny-less and run away to Australia! It’s amazing how some people are trying so hard to sabotage my efforts to make an honest buck through my story/publicity. More on that below.

For now… why in the WORLD am I in Australia?

I have been thinking of getting away and doing some massive action in business for a while. I wanted to focus on getting the foreclosure book done and get a lot of other stuff done in a distraction-free environment.

Then the opportunity came in a crazy way. One of my fans who lives in Australia invited me to come over anytime and stay free of charge for as long as I want. He lives in the mountain and has a room with a bed and a desk. He said I can eat their food and use their internet connection. So basically live for free.

He figured I may want to take a little break and get away, focus and work on my book and stuff like that. That was exactly what I wanted.

But the problem: airfare.

Then another crazy thing happens. Another fan from Canada emails me saying that he’ll give me $1,000 for me to keep blogging. He missed reading my stuff. He is a young entrepreneur and thinks it was a big shame to close the blog down because it was finally making full-time income and he was getting a lot of benefit from it and thinks others do to. He wanted to see how I make my come-back story and all that.

Both of these emails come on the same day, last Wednesday. So I contact the guy with $1000 to see if he is for real. He was. So then I checked the airfare and it was gonna cost about $900 for a one-way ticket to Australia. I accepted the $1,000 from Canadian guy and told him I will bring the blog back up. I used the money to buy a ticket to Australia. After Canadian Dollar conversion I only had $800 so I had to add about $100 of my own cash to buy the ticket. So I got to fly to Australia for only $100! (Big thanks to my supporter from Canada, the blog is back thanks to your support!)

So that’s the short story. I wanted to get away for a little bit of time and focus on finishing the foreclosure book, get the blog back up and producing income and work on other business projects. This would also give me some time to think about my marriage, spend time praying and seeking God’s direction in everything. The opportunity came, the money came, and here I am in Australia!! Crazy!!

The family here is very nice. The guy who invited me out here is an entrepreneur / business guy like me. So far we’ve just been hanging out and getting to know each other. Went to the rain forest yesterday. I taught them how to play Texas Hold Em poker and we had a good time playing last night.

I spend the last couple of days getting situated and now I’m ready to get some productive business done here…

But now the idiots out there (excuse my language) are trying to sabotage everything!

They are trying to screw up every last bit of opportunity I have to make an honest buck and pay off all this debt. People don’t realize that I cannot pay back my mountain of debt with just a job.

Duane LeGate himself started a business in order to pay off his $700,000 of debt. That’s right! The same Duane who is telling me to shut everything down and get a job did the exact opposite when he was in the same situation.

Duane LeGate (whom I used to respect and trust) is one of the biggest hypocrites and back-stabbers (he posted a bunch of private emails in the past and recently the details of our PRIVATE meeting all over the net, how do you trust a person like that?). The other guy who said he was going to help me seems like a back-stabber too (well, at least as far as threatening me with a frivolous law suit out-of-the-blue… we’ll have to wait and see how things develop).

Idiot haterz are going too far…

The idiot haterz (critics who are trying to screw up my attempts at making money) have already been ripping off my copyrighted posts from this blog and posting them all over the internet in order to prevent people from going on my site. They have also been doing that with my podcasts and pictures. Ripping off copyrighted content or posting my pictures that have attribution license withing giving me a link is wrong and illegal!

I don’t mind the “hating” but when they rip off my copyrighted posts, podcasts and reveal private sensitive info, that’s going way too far.

What’s even worse is them going after anybody who is associated with me!

These people did not deserve this!! What did they do? They are simply people who are doing business with me or simply my friends/family/associates.

Maybe because I’ve been too busy and under-funded to fight these people. Maybe they think its OK to screw with me and my associates and violate our privacy and copyrighted content. They justify it by saying “He is blogging so he’s an open target, he asked for this”.

Are you kidding me?

Just ‘cuz somebody is blogging his mistakes and you don’t like how he’s going around fixing them does not give you he right to do this! It’s not like I’ve been caught with mortgage fraud or something. I was the one who started this blog. I was the one who shared my mistakes with the loans. I was the one who wanted to make it right by talking about it.

Why are people treating me like a criminal for trying to share my story for other people’s benefit and trying to make a buck or two from it?


  • NO – I didn’t run away from the country and to try to leave my debts behind. I’m here to focus on business for a short time and PAY OFF my debts. This is a temporary trip. The opportunity presented itself and I went. It could have been anywhere.
  • NO – I didn’t leave my wife penniless. I actually had most of the trip paid for by somebody else. I spend only about $150 on this trip. There were other expenses that hit the bank account at the same time that made it seem like I took a bunch of money out. I indent to continue making money from this blog and other opportunities to support myself and my wife. (In fact I have $500 referral commission that I made a while back but am just now getting paid on it. That should hit the bank account tomorrow morning.)
  • NO – My wife wasn’t completely OK with me going on this trip but I had to do what I have to do to provide. I couldn’t bring back the blog with all the drama at home. Taking the blog down for a week was really a bad thing financially, however it showed my wife that I was willing to choose her over my blog. However, after my publisher threatened to sue me I made yet another hard decisions to come back online and keep my only income stream going.
  • YES – I just wanted to get a way and have a quiet place to work on my foreclosure book and other stuff so that I can make some money, pay off our debts and turn this whole foreclosure story and exposure into a success.
  • YES – I love my wife and I want to keep our marriage (even with all the craziness lately). I am having to make some tough decisions that are not very popular but I need to continue producing income from this blog, continue working on the book and other business opportunities and making a turn-around. Aside from this necessary mention I will continue keeping my family off this blog to respect their feelings.
  • YES – Even as I write this post, my private emails, business deals, and copyrighted materials are being shared across the internet without my authorization!

P.S. Sorry guys to bring all this drama into this and the stronger language. I normally don’t get this worked up. I wasn’t gonna share anything about Australia, at least not right now, but now I must make a response.)

Oh and another thing… my foreclosure blog is ranking is even higher now and traffic is going just as strong if not stronger. The blog hasn’t skipped a beat. I just wish I didn’t have to return all the advertising money or I would have actually had something in the bank right now. Still, I want to treat all the advertisers and supporterz right and give everybody good value.

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