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$70,000/yr Job Fell Through!

Ok, a lot of you have been telling me to get a job. I’ve mentioned I had a job offer on the table that I was considering.

It’s a PHP programming job for a new internet business. They offered me $35/hour contract to hire. I already have the web development skills – right in line with what they need. Also the job was offered to me by a high school buddy who I haven’t talked to in several years. He just called me up out of the blue. It was perfect timing! So perfect, it seemed like an answer from above.

So I told them I’m going to take a couple of weeks to wrap up my real estate deals and I would let them know as soon as I can start working full time. I was going to start next Monday. I sent an email a couple of days ago saying that I’m ready to start. Today I got the answer:

Hi Casey,

As it turns out .. the scope and size of the project has grown way beyond what it was in August and as a result the CEO decided that instead of supporting an in-house team of developers, to outsource to India!

I couldn’t believe it, because I’ve always been against removing income from US workers. But, we’re under a huge deadline with a huge product to deliver and the CEO already has used these guys with his other business.

So, I’m sorry to say that the job is officially off the table. I’m sorry to tell you over an email, but I’m under the gun to have the SRS document ready for the “Indians” in a week. What should be 2 months is crammed into 2 weeks of work!

Wow! I was counting on this job so I can establish a financial base from which I can launch my come back. This way at least I can continue paying for my wife to finish her degree and put food on the table for both of us. The job would also give me some seed money for additional real estate deals.

Now I will need a new plan for a “financial base”.

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