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$1,000/week or Kill Blog and Get a Job! Oh Crap!!

Update: We had a great show! Listen or Download Now. We even had Duane and Declan the CNET reporter make it on.

Here is an agreement I signed last night with Galina, friends and family as witnesses:

$1,000/week Promise or ELSE...

The No More Debt agreement signed on May 6th:

No More Debt agreement

The $1,000/week agreement was written by me with Galina’s participation and input.

She has had enough of me not making stable income, “compulsive” borrowing, time-consuming and overly revealing blogging and “big deals” that never come.

She wanted me to out-right close everything down (business, blog, etc) stop all borrowing and get a job.

So I negotiated for a “one last chance” to prove to her that I can generate enough money to replace a $52K/year job that I am capable of getting. That’s $1,000/week “in hand” every week. Starting this week! As you can see above there are strict rules on what is considered “Earned Income”.

The consequences include:

  1. Shut down the blog for good
  2. Give up laptop and phone
  3. Get a W2 job and no business for two years!

The second piece of paper (in pink) is the “No More Debt” agreement of May 6th was written by Galina and I signed it but have already broke it a couple of times. Yesterday’s May 17th agreement references it and calls for strict adherence or consequences will apply.

Join me for a talk cast in a couple of hours to discuss. Great show! Listen or Download Show

Sorry no more Beg-a-Thons… that’s part of the new agreement. But you can always hire me to do some kind of a legitimate service for you…

Or even better, you can advertise on this blog.

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