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#10 Foreclosure Website… Soon #1

I Am Facing Foreclosure blog just made it to the first page of Google under the search term “foreclosure”. I’m in #10 position out of 24,200,000 results. That’s pretty good since foreclosure is a very general term and there is a lot of competition. The rising search ranking of this blog has been very amazing to watch.

I’m starting to get more and more people emailing me for help with their own foreclosure situation. I help out with whatever advice or tips I can but it’s starting to become a problem. I don’t have enough time to answer all the emails and I’m letting them sit. I feel bad because I want to help everybody. I know what it’s like to be in financial trouble facing foreclosure so I feel for these people.

What I want to do is to start turning this site into more of a foreclosure help and resource site. Topic will include general foreclosure information, how to stop foreclosure, reasons to avoid foreclosure, local foreclosure laws, detailed explanation of the foreclosure process, etc.

I’ve been blessed with all the inbound links and all the media exposure so I want to use my position to do good things. I will need some help though. It’s too much to do all this on my own. I’m already weeks behind on my email and the volume keeps growing. I’m not getting any compensation right now for answering emails or growing this blog so it’s hard to justify devoting all of my time to it. So I need to learn to delegate and starting thinking about building a business out of this.

I’ve been considering setting up a network of trusted foreclosure and real estate professionals that I can refer people to – mortgage brokers, short sale real estate agents, real estate and bankruptcy attorneys, debt management consultants, etc.. I need to setup a system to automate referrals and track the referral to make sure the person in foreclosure gets timely help and accurate guidance.

I just keep thinking more and more how my facing foreclosure experience and my desire to take the story public is really one big blessing in disguise. I can help people avoid or survive foreclosure, find solutions for their debt, get back on their feet… all while turning this into a self-sustaining business.

I know, I know… you’re thinking “Why don’t you first help yourself”… or “You don’t have the credibility to help people in foreclosure” or “You haven’t even come out of your own foreclosure mess and now you’re going to try helping others??”

Yes, I may not have a ton of credibility in some people’s eyes yet. And you may not agree with some of the choices I’ve made in trying to avoid foreclosure and get out of debt. But I do feel like I learned a lot and I’m not going to wait to start helping others. That would actually be selfish of me. Also the entrepreneur in me is saying that I need to jump on this opportunity and start building toward the future of this foreclosure blog. It would be a waste of time and effort if this blog goes away after my foreclosure story is over.

One way to increase credibility and value might be to start letting other real estate bloggers and foreclosure experts guest blog here from time to time. Also, besides a blog I want to also have maybe a foreclosure help forum, “10 Ways to Avoid Foreclosure” type of e-books, a directory of trusted foreclosure prevention professionals, foreclosure FAQ pages, “How to Stop Foreclosure” and “Foreclosure Law” pages, bankruptcy, debt management, and other related topics.

I see becoming THE #1 foreclosure resource and foreclosure help site on the internet. I see this site helping thousands of people per day in solving their foreclosure and debt problems. To make this happen I see myself receiving ideas / help / connections / support from you and building a successful team.

Thank you!

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