November 25th, 2006   6:31 pm

12 24-Hour Facing Foreclosure Fast

I have many different opportunities in front of me but I’m having a hard time choosing/focusing. I have also received a lot of great advice from you on this blog but some of it is conflicting.

I feel scattered. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels - not getting out of my foreclosure mess fast enough and not moving forward toward my dreams/goals.

To facilitate focus and direction I will be doing a first-ever “Facing Foreclosure Fast” from 6pm tonight to 6am tomorrow (12 hours). I have never fasted before, so I am starting with a short time frame.

I will be praying and listening to personal development material. I’ve been wanting to watch The Secret that everybody keeps talking about. I also have The Dream Giver DVD to go with Bruce Wilkinson’s book I just read. And then there is a ton of personal development CDs/MP3s, from Anthony Robins to Zig Ziglar, that I have been wanting to brush up on.

I will be abstaining from food so I can focus and let My Maker direct me and the personal development material to motivate me. (Although I have to be careful with personal dev stuff… it’s not all good).

My parents are out of town so I am going to be house sitting their house by myself. A great opportunity to get away and quiet my soul and listen. I have my green tea to keep me awake and my notepad to capture ideas.

My goal is to come out of this Facing Foreclosure Fast with a rough draft for a plan of attack. I will be finalizing the plan over the next few days with my advisers. I may post it here for your feedback as well.

I will also probably have to take a couple of days break from blogging…

By the way, I want to thank you, my Facing Foreclosure readers, for your on-going support and advice in the comments. You all have been very helpful! I have nothing but love for all of you… (including the haters!)

P.S. If you promise not to post inappropriate comments and to not use overly vulgar language I may experiment with turning off moderation.


  • I decided to stop moderating comments for a few hours tonight and unfortunately people abused the privilege BIG time. When I came back a few hours later I found 162 mostly inappropriate comments. Apologies to those who had a valid comment, I had to delete them all because sorting it all out would take a very long time. I’m turning moderation back on. I’m disappointed in the negative people out there who just want to do harm. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Anyway… back to fasting, praying and brainstorming a plan.

  • Thanks, Casey. Hope you can check in time to time to moderate the comments.

    Are you logging the IP addresses of the inappropriate commenters?

  • A 12-hour fast? Are you kidding me? Don’t stress yourself to much with that.

    You mock fasting with that pathetic excuse for a fast.

  • Wow, I wouldn’t have believed the necessity of moderating this blogsite, if I hadn’t seen for myself how radically degenerate, rascist, and X rated the clot of entries turned out to be….WOW, again!

    Thank you for cleaning that mess out!

  • Too bad, I would have liked to read the comments.

    Anyway, Casey, you need to forget the idea that God wants you to be rich. And quit listening to preachers who take Bible verses out of context to “prove” that God is concerned with filling your bank account.

    Beyond that, if wealth were a sign of God’s favor, the holiest people in the world would be the Arabs of the Gulf States, the Sultan of Brunei, etc.. These families are all rich beyond the dreams of avarice, and don’t have to do a thing for their wealth. Their money literally comes out of the ground.

    Yet not even Muslims accuse the Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti, etc. royal families of being good Muslims, or for that matter good Christians.

  • Hey Casey, This is Eric J. Herrholz and I can send you a Clip I wrote for you to display as a co-author for your site as you take a much deserved break. I however do not recommend fasting for any particular purpose. You will be depleting your body like your finances soon and that is a Major no ! So again I think if you posted your Pre-Foreclosure on using the discount code **** and pay absolute $0 to list !
    Then utilize the Cell # I gave you previously and Google or Search me to see if I can help. My offer never expires due to being a Christian and utilizing my God given gift to help others as I promised. The animosity created on the comments is due to similar positioning the commentator had or errors they too have made. To see the error in your ways and improve is the characteristics of an Individual qwith a strong faith, mabye you learned from your parents, or spouse the strength of faith? Casey now that your faith is coming through again, regain your focus, re-set goals that are reachable. Pray for the Individual who you are touching who is in the Foreclosure process and has began to lose sight of any option to a fair exit strategy. The faith of others who may be un-able to bear the stress or burden and so easily succombs to failure. Failure is ok just ask Donald trumph, he fails all the time ! However he has learned to make failure a success by repetition. How? He learned an exit strategy and re-uses it ! So wether it be a SHORT SALE, Sub-Ordination, Modification , or Whatever is Clever for the both parties involved is the best option out , or is it !
    Again in Light of the people who put you down again I see you are utilizinging Faith to Pick you up !
    God Bless you and others in their time of need, he has determined a path for those who promise to obey , the Path of faith is long, bumpy, lonely, and at even times too narrow, however it leads to an eternity of enlightment for those who guide others safely out of harms way! Keep posting your blog, for others have now come to rely on your advise. Wether they tell you or not your course has already been pre-determined !
    Your in the Game of Persistence ! He has choosen for you to cross the paths of dis-believers and nay sayers, stay focused and reach your goals !
    ERIC J. HERRHOLZ “The Real Estate Mentor”

  • 7. Adult Supervision
    November 26th, 2006 at 6:43 am

    So, you couldn’t stay away from blogging for 12 hours? In all seriousness, that should tell you something about yourself. That in itself may be your key learning from the “fast”.

    And, though I agree that the children ran amok here last night, how long would it take to manually delete 140 posts and leave 20? C’mon! That’s just lazy.

  • I’m glad you turned moderation on Casey. It was really getting out of control.

    Maybe post some warning next time before just doing this. Then maybe people won’t be so abusive.

    Big Cheese

  • Casey,
    Which guru came up with this fasting thing? You’ll probably end up concentrating more on how hungry you are than anything else.

    Try not to trade your parents house for some magic beans this weekend.

  • “Casey,”

    That’s not considered a fast–it’s called “skipping your midnight snack,” and it will do nothing to help you repay your debt obligations/criminal wrongdoings.

  • C-

    This seems to be your biggest problem. You can’t get rich overnight, and you won’t be able to get out of your situation overnight either. It’s going to require patience, forethought, determination, and faith. It’s going to take years. A 12-hour fast, while charming, is not going to solve your problems. 12-hours of hard work would be time better spent. “Long is the road…”

    Realize that this is life. If it wasn’t hard it would be worth anything!

    Rob A.

  • 12. SonOfTheGhostOfBubba
    November 26th, 2006 at 7:51 am

    I think this “fest” is a great idea, everyone needs a party every now and then.

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  • 14. Daniel (foreign)
    November 26th, 2006 at 8:29 am

    Dear Friend, time/money/effort are three dimensions of resources. You may want to make more efficient your resources, cause you need your mind and time clear to face other income opportunities.

    Here are some ideas for moderating:
    1) make a robot software so to filter some words and phrases. (this will reduce your work)

    2) make a moderation once a day only. Turn off your Palm and moderate once a day, two hours. It doesn’t matter if some people write stupidness for a few hours.

    3) Contract somebody else to moderate. $400 dollars is a worker’ salary here in my country. There are other countries where for less money thy will make the job full time. (I can do it part time for $300)

    Whould these ideas work? maybe

    cheers! good blog.

  • Well darn, I was really looking forward to reading all of the unmoderated comments this morning.

    Casey, you started out by saying this:

    “I have many different opportunities in front of me but I’m having a hard time choosing/focusing”.

    I am having a hard time coming up with the “many” opportunities/options that you have. Please elaborate !

  • 16. Daniel (foreign)
    November 26th, 2006 at 8:32 am

    Oh I forgot, your software can even FILTER not only words but email adresses. Some mails may be in blacklist, and some are in white list, the only you need to moderate are new members.

  • So how did the fast go? Did God visit you with a solution?

  • 18. Train Wreck Watcher
    November 26th, 2006 at 8:52 am

    I can understand why you did this Casey. But I’m disappointed that you made a trip back here during your fast. You need some time alone to gather your thoughts and structure your plan of action. I hope the time was well spent.

  • -

    Casey - this video may fire you up. You need to keep fighting like Rocky did vs. Drago and make a COMEBACK just like he did!


    There’s no easy way out - there’s no shortcut home
    There’s no easy way out - givin’ in can’t be wrong

  • Are you referring to the racist rants that you seem to have been spammed by, or the comments ridiculing your pathetic attempt at introspection by staying up all night, listening to motivational recordings and praying for deliverance from your own stupid, reckless decisions? Casey Serin, YOU are the one who decided to commit mortgage fraud, YOU are the one who decided day jobs are for losers, YOU are the one who is looking serious jail time in the face, and YOU are the one that decided, for whatever reasons, to make all of this very public by putting it out the web. I’ve been reading this blog for well over a month now, and I still can’t believe that anyone would be so stupid to admit to the things you have done. I mean, for a while I thought this was some sort of elaborate hoax or a setup, maybe an joke of some sort, along the lines of “Borat” perhaps. After all, from all that you yourself have said, Casey Serin certainly comes across as clueless as the Sasha Baron Cohen character from Kazahkstan.
    Let me give you a little bit of advice. If this is all true, and you really are in the financial and legal hot water you are in, the best thing you can do is get a lawyer, get a job, and shut your pie hole before you dig yourself in any deeper. If you are disapointed with the quality or tone of the comments you recieve on this blog, perhaps you should just shut it down and go away. So you have to declare bankruptcy and foreclosure. So what. Be a man and do it. You wanted to make big money in real estate, but you don’t want to have to face up to the fact that your extremely high risk (not to mention fraudulent) “business practicices” have so catastrophically blown up in your face. When you go for the big con, there is always the risk that it won’t work out. Put in other terms, you gambled with real estate, and you lost. Now it would appear that you are gambling with your marriage, your financial future, and even your freedom if any particularly politically motivated and publicity starved DA with aspirations for higher office ever gets wind what you’ve done. You DO have those in California, I assume…that is, District Attorneys with political aspirations.
    The fact is, you are no more than a punk. A cheap, unimaginative, lying and scheming little punk. And you have far worse problems than folks leaving negative comments on your blog. Perhaps if you took your head out of your a** long enough, you might figure that out.
    Subkommander Dred

  • Had a chance to read most of it last night and frankly, was surprised at how many people wanted to spew hate at you.

    I hope you gain some insight from your fasting and praying.

    Maybe you should talk to your parents. What advice do they have for you?

  • Agreed, that you should keep the moderation on. You should never have taken it off. I saw the 162 comments and most of them were garbage, and worse.
    But really: using the word “privilege”–as in “they abused the privilege”–to describe submitting unmoderated comments on your site is over the top. Do you really consider that to be a “privilege” that you extended to your readers? Just realize that there are a lot of people out there who are not dealing from a full deck and that you ought to protect your site accordingly.

  • Do you ever feel like you are spending an inordinate amount of time focusing on your “personal development” and not enough on real-world developments? Being centered and therefore able to tackle problems, particularly those as monumental as yours, is important but I have to think that you are in fact an escapist and the self-help DVD’s and prayer are mere tools to that end. After all, who wouldn’t want to give in to the temptation to ignore your current predicament?

    BTW, what does fasting have to do with drafting a plan of attack? Don’t you think that time would be better spent working on your properties? I don’t know.

    I guess you could consider what is about to follow as negative, so do with it what you will. I don’t like to label but you remind me of certain people I have known who rarely succeeded (in business), if ever. I’ll be the last to tell you that meditation, prayer and green tea are wrong as they most certainly are not, but I have come to see a pattern in this kind of behavior. It eventually supplants hard work and dedication as the primary modus operandi. Few people who “made it” have done so by fasting, praying or watching mystical self-help movies. If they have succeeded while doing so you can bet they busted a** when they weren’t indulging their spiritual side. The pattern you seem to exhibit is one of a person who doesn’t fully appreciate that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Have you ever been involved in any pyramid, er, I mean split-level marketing schemes? When you got into RE did you envision a monied life of leisure or were you motivated by a desire to be successful in terms other than financial? Do you wear crystals for power? Do you often rely on external forces to help manage complex situations or do you channel your angst, choosing instead to put your nose to the grindstone and kick a** ? Look at how you got into RE for crying out loud. Get-rich-quick seminars for flippers? Come on. Anyone who was truly dialed into the market saw this bubble coming by late ‘03, or hopefully soon thereafter. If you didn’t see it coming that should be your first indicator that you may not be a future RE mogul.

    What I’m saying is maybe your personality is better suited to another line of business. You seem to seek tranquility and spiritual balance. This is probably not the place where you are going to find that. Simple answers/solutions are exceedingly difficult to come by and you jumped into a market that does not favor dilettantes. I hope it also occurs to you that you have likely been responsible for harming the interests of others in the process. Many people will have to pick up this mess after you have long since bailed out.

  • 24. Sputnik_the_Cat
    November 26th, 2006 at 10:29 am

    Fasting? Prayer? Motivational Material??!?

    Ack! I just barfed up a hairball!

    Casey, I guess you would call me “a hater” - based on what I’ve posted before, and the fact that I DO think you’re a dipshit. But seriously, if you think that fasting and prayer are going to get you out of your mess, you’re seriously delusional.

    I feel bad that you got sucked in by the “mentors” (who I’m convinced derive 90% of their income through books and seminars for suckers, and 10% from actually doing what they’re supposed to be “experts” at). But I seriously have NO sympathy for your situation, and am continuously amused by watching this train wreck on a weekly basis. I’ve been reading the various advice offered by readers of this blog, and most of it is sound (and free!).

    If after your “prayer/fast motivational love-in” or whatever, you SHOULD come up with a plan that looks something like this:

    1. Pull together 1k or 2k in cash, open a new savings account. Get a secured loan from that same bank, using the savings account as collateral. Repeat 3 times.

    2. Mail the keys of your remaining houses to the bank, and declare BK. List all debts secured and unsecured, EXCEPT for the accounts opened in step 1.

    3. Live a cash-only lifestyle for the next several years, building your credit back up by using the accounts obtained in step 1 above, and any other credit you can obtain in the meantime. (But use this credit WISELY.)

    4. In less than 10 years, you’ll be back in prime position ready to rock-n-roll. Be an idiot AGAIN with your second chance if you want…up to you. But let’s hope you’ve learned something.

    RE can be a very lucrative endeavor - if done prudently. Build slowly, one step at a time. Don’t go for the quick buck. Positive cash flow is KING. Build up a property portfolio of positive-cashflow houses/apartments, and in 20 years you’ll be rich.

    Good luck. And TRY not to be such a sucker dipshit, OK?

  • 6pm to 6am? That’s not a fast. That’s called sleep. I’ve been reading this blog for almost a month and have so far kept my mouth shut. But this is ridiculous! Once again, you are looking for a simple, quick-fix solution to your problems. A 12 hour fast? Come on! I fast for 10 hours every day - WHEN I AM SLEEPING! If you truly want God to help you with your problems than you need to make more of a sacrifice. You need to fast for a MINIMUM of three days - if not longer. Stop thinking that your problems are all going to be solved overnight and actually do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone and take some responsibility for yourself and your decisions.

  • “I will be abstaining from food so I can focus and let My Maker direct me and the personal development material to motivate me. ”

    Casey, you need to see a psychologist.


  • Casey,

    If you are actually reading the bible and hoping to find solace within its pages, you may want to concentrate on the passages that provide insight for individuals who display too much GREED.

    Romans: Chapter 1, verses 28-32
    “Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.
    They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them”

  • Dude seriously? Fasting to solve your problems? Seriously? You have officially lost touch with reality.

  • Don’t let the haters get to you. There are always going to be people like that out there. I think what you doing is great, just keep focus on getting yourself out of the mess. Once you are out, you can get back on track on building your dream!

    Good Luck!

    - Max

  • I find it unbelievable that you consider yourself religious. I remember your blogspot profile and you claimed the bible as your favorite book.

    Look, I appreciate your candid nature in doing this blog (I think?) it would seem to be atoning somehow for your sins. However, you do not really seem remorseful. You show fear but still are scheming. What gives? I think you are not spiritual at all but use it as a cover. Let’s go through the seven sins (not the christian 10) and see how many you have covered, shall we?

    Pride is excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.


    Envy is the desire for others’ traits, status, abilities, or situation.


    Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.


    Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

    Don’t know your habits so you get a pass.

    Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.


    Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.


    Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.


    Congrats 6 of the 7 that I know of.

  • Casey, I think you on the right track… Keep a level head and use your talents to the best of your ability.


  • Casey, PLEASE, do not spend your ‘fast’ reading yet more gurus or planning more “sweet deals”. As you yourself have said, your biggest problem is that you have a huge issue hanging over your head AND you want to move forward at the same time.

    You need focus and you need it badly. Instead of wasting your time getting all pumped up by gurus, how about reading up on some real successful entrepreneurs? Go to and find out how real successful businesspeople do it. Here’s a good article to start with.

    FIX your problems first. Right now you’re wildly thrashing around, trying to cover the most urgent bills and keep afloat. That’s not going to work over the long haul. You keep saying that you only need $3,000 a month to cover your expenses. Until you’ve resolved the last 4 houses you’re on the hook for, you cannot honestly say that $3K is your monthly nut, because it’s not. No matter how you slice it, either you’re going to have a repayment plan, tax liabilities, or other obligations above and beyond your day to day expenses. Right now you don’t know which it’s going to be, nor how much.

    Put everything else on the back burner until your current mess is resolved. Know what your finances are really going to look like. Only then can you launch any sort of a plan for the future.

    Let’s say for the sale of the discussion that you really can build a business by bird-dogging deals for other investors. How many deals will you need to do a month to cover your nut? Unless you have a firm handle of your finances, you don’t know. Having a goal to shoot for is much more likely to produce results than just wildly running around. That’s why salespeople the world over work off of monthly quotas. It brings focus and organization to their day to day tasks.

    No matter how bad it gets, you will feel MUCH better when you have some closure and a set nut to meet. Uncertainty is a killer. So man up and clean up your mess. Then plan your next move. Doing both at the same time is only going to have you spinning your wheels uselessly.

  • I think there are too many comments for your blog anyway. You should definitely look into adding a forum. That’s what did.

    Dreamhost seems to have a 1-click install of phpBB. That way, you can delegate moderation, and you wouldn’t have to read every comment; just the ones related to your posts. And you can let the people commenting yell at each other instead of you.

    Leveraging yourself is a smart thing to do.

  • A 12 hour fast?

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

    While I can see the value in aiming low so that you don’t fail, I think you went a little too far here.


    Really the difference between this guy and casey is
    one of scale. Private investment schemes,
    very slick and a desire to pay back all the
    wronged investors.

  • Will you spend some time reading about magical thinking

  • Hey Casey - I haven’t been by your blog for awhile but thought I’d check up on you. I first visited your blog in early September after you left a comment on my blog - I don’t think the blogosphere had started their attack on you at that point. You had a good attitude then, and although things seem to have gotten uglier since then, you still have a positive attitude. Don’t lose that, it’s a great asset and will serve you well whatever you end up doing. You’ve got 2 properties down and 4 to go. Don’t let all the negative comments get to you - learn from the valid points but ignore the name-calling and other harsh criticism the blogosphere can dish out. Good luck with your fasting.

  • 38. Casey Seringe
    November 26th, 2006 at 3:43 pm

    Casey, for someone in such a dire situation, you have an awful lot of time to moderate comments.

    No god can help you in this situation and is ultimate a waste of your precious time. You should not be reading mythologies when you should put that effort into researching and selling your homes. Fasting? That is a really ridiculous idea when you need nutrients to think. Are you just trying to make others feel even more sorry for you? You should go on a week fast in that case as you’re probably “fasting” when you sleep anyway.

    You really need a bankruptcy lawyer and need to get over the idea that you are an investor. You are not. You are also not an entrepreneur or a business man or anything but a man in severe debt.

  • To those who think 12-hour fast is a joke - you’re right. It was too easy (and NO I wasn’t sleeping, I stayed up till 6am). I came home at 7am and slept in today till 3pm or so. When I got up I decided to continue fasting till 6pm to make it a 24 hour fast. I *may* go longer, we’ll see.

    I *did* have a good time last night focusing and brainstorming ideas and seeking guidance. I’m glad I did it. It’s good to get away sometimes. “The Secret” movie was good but I don’t agree with some parts of it. “The Dream Giver” DVD was long but very good.

    Thanks for everybody’s comments.

    By the way, “the_in_laws” post that people are still refering to was a fake. My in laws don’t read this blog (that’s probably a good thing).

  • 40. Adult Supervision
    November 26th, 2006 at 5:17 pm

    So, Casey - how did your ‘all-nighter’ go? Any revelations from the “Maker”? (I think you’ve heard everything you need from this forum; but - you ignore it).

    (it wasn’t a fast - if so, I ‘fast’ every day from 8:30pm to 11:30am; 15 hours).

  • A fake? Fascinating. How on earth would you know if your in-laws didn’t read this? I certainly don’t know if my own family reads my blog. Perhaps you’re a magical blog mindreader now. You should sell that. Sell *something* kid.

    My vote on the fast: I think you gotta keep yourself together, and it’s not the most terrible approach you’ve had. Just make sure your ideas are very f****** real.

    If you read the messages posted here, and can truly carve out the freaks, there are some sound ideas here. most recently i’ve heard people talk about paying for competent help, rather than trying to unwind these yourself. you will pay this person a lot of money over time to more immediately stop the very immediate daily hemmoraging of money to your name. if you can hurry up the solution, that’s worth, apparently, $1,000/day. So start offering attorneys $20,000 of your future worth. You wanted to be in business. This is how business thinks. Maybe you never thought you’d get your nuts in a vice. Maybe you didn’t know business is like that. Anyway, do the math.

  • Hey Casey, since you are doing useless stuff to figure out what you want to do in about a 12 hour ENEMA?
    Just a thought from someone who cares….God only knows you’re full of it.

  • I thought he was going to do a 12 hour Foreclosure fart. Now THAT would have been something to brag about. He may be able to accomplish that feat, given all th Jamba juice and burritos he’s been eating.

  • Casey.
    I think there are many of us going through the same thing you are. We got upside down with our real estate and having difficulties finding the path out of it. There are financial planners for the stock market, real estate agents and mortgage lenders to help people buy real estate, and CPA’s to pay the least taxes but there is no one to go to that will evaluate your situation and give you “options”.
    I am in the same situation as you are to some degree and have no where to go and even pay a professional to tell me what my options are? When I try to speak to people who have knowledge of short sales, etc. they just want to steal my properties.
    It would be a great idea to get several of us investors that are upside down get to gether for an all day brainstorming as to “options” and where to go to find them.

    Good Luch my thoughts are with you.


  • Wow, sleep till 3pm, then wait until 6pm or later to eat - gruelling, yet incredibly productive I’m sure …

    I’ve about given up:
    - You’re a drama queen /attention wh##e
    - You ignore good advice
    - You still think you have a near-term future in RE
    - You continually start new threads and don’t follow-up on older ones (the $3K loan, the car, Phoenix, Chris paying you, local rich dad, etc etc …)
    - You’re impulsive and immature like a 15 year-old
    - You really need Adult Supervision
    - You need to listen to the Voice of Reason

    You’ve deleted 2 of my last 4 posts; if it happens again, my numerous alter egos and I are done giving you free material for your book/blog/story.

  • After the minor disruption this afternoon, must admit I laughed at some of them,naive as they where and all, a man some times finds childish humor funny. Anyway never mind all that. You need to get the get rich quick schemes out of your head(espcially if you want to be a good christian). Think about, spectulative investment hurts ordinary people, especially if it concerns housing, this is a rescource that people need unlike stocks.

    Never mind these donald truimph stories and guru’s etc etc, do you know how wealthy his parents where, he’s not a hero in my eyes, I don’t care how much money he has.I hope you get out of this mess and learn something from it.

    Peace out Mark

  • 47. dumb da dum dumb
    November 26th, 2006 at 6:16 pm

    thanks for acknowledging that a “12hr overnight even if you stayed awake fast” a big JOKE!

    3 day juice fast…

  • 48. Time Will Tell
    November 26th, 2006 at 6:24 pm

    Is this the third stage of grief, bargaining?

    If I fast maybe God will save me from this mess I’ve made!

    Well, at least we are half the way through.

  • 49. Ghost_of_Dude
    November 26th, 2006 at 6:34 pm

    Dude, I think that, like, dude!

    I mean keep up the fast!

  • If you are actually reading the bible and hoping to find solace within its pages, you may want to concentrate on the passages that provide insight for individuals who display too much GREED.

    Romans: Chapter 1, verses 28-32

    Ah yes, Romans 1. I definitely put my faith in verses 28-32 when preceded by this lovely gem (verses 24-27):

    Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen. Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

  • Casey, you made it to 24 hours now without eating, right?

    Any new ideas?

    Big Cheese

  • Casey, like most new age self-help mumbo-jumbo, you’re wasting time with a load of nonsense.

    It’s been a couple weeks now. Has your employer cut you your first paycheck yet?

  • Original post: 12-Hour Facing Foreclosure Fast by at Google Blog Search: what is foreclosure Blog tag: What is foreclosure Technorati tag: What is foreclosure

  • Casey,
    Would you consider the time you have to spend in jail for mortgage fraud to be the same as paying back every cent you owe? Or once you get out of the slammer you would still work at paying back all people and banks you owe? Ideally you would still pay everyone back, but I’d understand if you felt the jail time made up for it.
    - BD

  • What’s the plan?

  • 56. anonymous commentator
    November 26th, 2006 at 8:19 pm

    Your blog is too big now to allow unmoderated comments (I guess you figured that out). Comment spammers and general idiots will have a field day with this site if you give them the chance. If it gets to be too much hassle, pick a couple of people who seem unbiased to be comment moderators. I definitely like the forum idea, but you would need moderators there for sure.

    I used to listen to Tom Leykis on the radio back when he was just a liberal leaning talkshow host (before he turned into Mr. Macho Man). He was always being attacked by conservative callers anytime he discussed anything political because they felt he screened their calls because he couldn’t handle what they had to say. His response was that he screened the calls to get rid of idiots, nutcases, or people who were just boring. One day, after a caller accused him of this, to make his point he told the screener to take a break and said he would take unscreened calls. He then proceeded to field calls from the most hilariously retarded examples of humanity I’ve ever heard for fifteen minutes until a caller begged him to stop. Anyway, short story long, he totally made his point which was moderation can be a good thing.

  • casey,
    i think that a fast is one of the best ways to refocus and creatively find a way out. you might already know, but you learn more through mistakes than winning the lotto.
    i pray that God gives you wisdom, hey just ask, he’ll give it
    mr C

  • “You’ve deleted 2 of my last 4 posts; if it happens again, my numerous alter egos and I are done giving you free material for your book/blog/story.”

    Dude, like, Casey’s crazy? Dude!

  • If you NEED to fast in order to focus, you should consider the relationship between ADHD and food allergies. Look it up

  • Do you consider my comments vulgar or inappropriate?

  • My husband and I are looking to buy our first house and easily qualified for a $500,000 mortgage (under current lending practices) over the summer. We’ve been looking for months, but have basically stopped because anyone who has done any research on the market at all (even just a google search) knows that its plunging and doesn’t want to buy a house now and lose money on it.


    It’s very difficult to know what to do, but you might want to consider several factors:

    1) Just because you qualify for a $500,000 mortgage doesn’t mean a $500,000 mortgage is a good idea. Sometimes it’s a good idea to borrow less than you qualify for.

    2) Is this first home a “starter home,” or do you plan to be in it for quite some time?

    I probably would not buy a house now if I thought I’d be selling it in 4-5 years, but I might if my time horizon were a lot longer and it was a house I really wanted.

    3) Is there any possibility of some sort of unplanned job transfer, etc. in the future? Regardless of potential financial difficulty, if you were going to have to move, you’d be a “motivated seller” as you’d want to get out of your payments pretty darned quick.

    Sometimes companies will buy your existing house as part of a relocation package, but that’s usually for top executives. The difference between “I don’t give a crap if it takes six months to sell my house” and “motivated seller” can be tens of thousands of dollars — in whatever kind of market.

    3) Are you looking in an area where the last few years has seen a lot of new construction (say, Vegas)? Or perhaps in an area that’s seen no or low growth?

    Prices in the latter areas could suffer, but if there’s low inventory to begin with, the effect could be more moderate.

    4) Are you realistically considering that while housing prices may fall, your “easily qualified for a $500,000 mortgage” could turn into an “easily qualified for a $400,000 mortgage”?

    After all, a rather sudden thud in the housing market with lots of foreclosures will cause those who buy “securitized paper” to be a lot more cautious. What that means is that this paper is worth less — and that means higher rates. If there’s no “thud,” but more of a slower, but equal, decline over 3 years or so, rate hikes might be more moderate. If you’re okay with that, it might be better to wait.

    No advice here. Just some extra perspective. And don’t stop looking if you’re still halfway interested. It doesn’t hurt to look and keeps you tuned into what the market is really doing.

  • BubbaDude: “Dude, like, Casey’s crazy? Dude!”

    My “Dude-speak to English Dictionary” wasn’t much help in translating that phrase.

    Help, Please !!

  • Casey - I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the RE fairy is probably not going to wave her magic wand and make all this nastiness (aka dealing with the consequences of your actions) go away.

    As others have said, your plan should be pretty simple. As you’ve seen and probably ignored, you should:
    - Get a Bk atty
    - Mail the keys in
    - Get a checking acct
    - Get a real job (I’ve seen no evidence that the Chris job fits that criteria)
    - Forget about RE for ‘x’ years
    - Forget about guru’s
    - Stop your obession with blogging (Thansgiving Day ?!? During the first galactic Foreclosure Fast ?!?)
    - Grow up
    - etc.

    I hope you can do this and become a productive and functioning member of society, but frankly the odds are low.

  • Critical thinking is an excellent skill to have, that will compensate for many other deficiencies that you may have. I suggest you take a break from your Maker for a while, and put various other “alternative” therapies on the shelf, and instead spend some time with James Randi.

    See for details–but only if you have an open mind, and are willing to accept that you may have made mistakes.

  • Whoever said the Young Casey is in the “bargaining” stage is probably correct. “Save me from my own idiotic decisions, Lord, and I’ll even fast for twelve hours and read pop-spirituality motivational crap!”

    If Young Casey is bargaining with God, Young Casey is not overly generous with his bargaining chips.

  • 66. jonny question
    November 27th, 2006 at 6:30 am

    Many comments above have addressed magic beans. I have been hesitant to give you some, in case they really are magic. But reading your latest posts leads me to the conclusion you’re totally clueless and can use all the help you can get, so without further adieu here they are:


    There’s a video too: look down the right side of this page for: ” Debt cancellation programs.
    Mr. Griffin explains how they work and addresses the question of if they are ethical. (17 min. video)

    Good luck in finding a lawyer to help you with the above!

  • […] Oh Casey. When in debt and facing foreclosure, just fast and read some Tony Robbins. Everything will be all better in 12 hours. To facilitate focus and direction I will be doing a first-ever “Facing Foreclosure Fast” from 6pm tonight to 6am tomorrow (12 hours). I have never fasted before, so I am starting with a short time frame. […]

  • Ok man, I just found your site and what a sad site it is. You need to get your life in order. Follow the advice of the smart people on this site and swallow soom major pride and go to a lawyer and get this mess cleared up. Neither Christ, nor anyother guru is going to help you out of this mess. You are in controll of your destiney. You need to get a JOB or maybe two JOBS, put your nose to the grindstone and work your way out of this disaster. I have found nothing clears the mind as well as a good 16 hour day at some good honest labor. Sure helps you sleep at night also. You have just recieved a good an education as any univ. could have given you in 8 years. Use this as a tool and never make the same mistake again. Nothing comes easy, and if it did you would’t enjoy it anyway. Good luck And hang in there.

  • not a fast,

    casey has been a p*sssy his whole life. i doubt he has ever truely felt pain or sacrifice.

  • 70. Granite Counter Flop
    November 27th, 2006 at 7:47 am

    Don’t listen to these haters! Keep praying to the garden gnomes that everything will magically come to a Hollywood scripted end and it will. The harder you pray to them, the more books you read by crack pot get rich quick scammers, the faster your houses will sell for much more than you over paid for them. Once that happens, you can forget having to work forever.

  • 71. casey can do it
    November 27th, 2006 at 7:58 am

    Casey you can do it..if you can’t do it nobody can.

    that bit of motivational wisdom will cost you $5k. please send check and or money order to:

    rich dad
    666 bendmeoverthedesk avenue
    Phoenix, AZ

    PS. considering your current situation please make that a certified check.

  • What happened to my post from last night? I was being supportive as an investor in a somewhat similiar situation?











  • I think a big reason for these changes right now is that you may be realizing that a lot of your situation is completely out of your control.

    You can’t make people buy, you can’t make the banks take your deals.

    In all honesty, whatever you need to do to come to grips with that, the better you’ll be.

    Good luck

  • That’s it. I’m barely able to scrape by each month; but you know what? I won’t break my a** trying to make ends meet; no. I’ll just put my fate into the hands of a higher being, and hope prayer will pay my mortgage.


  • I think the key problem here lies in the subtitle of your blog: Getting Saved.

    Not “Saving Myself.”

    Wake up, Casey.

  • 77. Steak Sandwich
    November 27th, 2006 at 9:08 am

    Check out this article on RK:

    Pretty grim…

  • Maybe you just need more energy to get through the hard times. can help keep you going, all day and all night. Good luck casey something is bound to happen soon.

  • Sometimes we all have to take a look at our best qualities and our deficiencies, make a note of them, and design our lives to best utilize them.

    My analysis follows.

    You seem to have great marketing skills. You have charm and charisma. You have what most would consider good looks. You enjoy learning and reading and studying. You have an excellent ability to convince others to trust you and see things your way.

    You are impulsive. You tend to delay on making decisions until the last moment and when you do make a decision you act impulsively and often choose the most irrational choice available.

    I see you doing great in these fields: public relations, marketing, advertising, real estate agent, face-to-face sales.

    Maybe later in life you can return to REI once you’ve developed solid decision making skills and have a steady income that you can apply to REI. (Remember, most great investors created a business and THEN used that to fund their REI). For right now a career path would be best for you in my eyes.

  • Casey,

    You need to STOP doing drugs BEFORE you post. If you do that, you will do ok.

  • The Fast went pretty good.. I lasted 24 hours… towards the end I started feeling a bit light-headed and weak.

    I considered going longer but then decided its good enough for my first fast. Next time I’m gonna go longer and do some body cleansing techniques as well.

    The fast was beneficial and I did a lot of good praying, thinking and brainstorming. I will be sharing some of my ideas in the next few weeks.

  • Casey: “I will be sharing some of my ideas in the next few weeks. ”

    WEEKS??? You don’t have weeks!

    Don’t you feel the pressure to act TODAY??

    Is this for real??

  • @Casey — Cash crisis from last week is a dangling thread: what happened with Chris $1,500 salary payment? Wells Fargo office visit?

  • Casey’s next post:

    ” I had a good BM today.” YES, I still have 4 foreclosures, but my colon is clean.

  • Fasting for 24 hours. OK That should save you like $150. lets see, that will be 4 macchiatos, lunch and dinner at Paragarys, breakfast at the deli.
    You do know that fasting = not eating right. Oh yea you can drink water, so assuming you dring 2 bottles of water a normal day, and being hungry you drink say 6, and $2 a bottle of evian, you only spend 12 bucks. So You’re still comming out ahead. Of course you get 35 bucks in overdraft times 6 for the water, and $35 times 7 with your normal day … so that $35 gets added to your savings too … booya, maybe one of these days you’d get through the day with out breaking the 200 mark. Good luck Casey, I am pulling for ya. I know you can.
    Just think about it, just buying 2 bottles at a time, you can 1/2 the overdrafts. Just think … you can do it.

  • Here is a quote from 20/20 which applies here just perfect:

    20/20 investigation of Kiyosaki
    ABC 20/20 did a program about Kiyosaki who has now written 18 books. You can read their story about it at;page=4. The date on the Internet story is May 19, 2006 so the story must have been aired on 20/20 around then. Basically, they gave three people $1,000 each and told them to try to start a business that would show a profit within 20 days. One lost all he money. Another made zero. The third made $243.

    Kiyosaki was brought in to coach them and to advise them during the 20 days. Based on the article, it sounds like about all he did was whine about the three would-be entrepreneurs, the short time frame, and so forth. He also pronounced their failures a success—typical Kiyosaki logic—because they learned from them. The ABC 20/20 story ends with,

    “Which begs the question: Does anyone really need 18 books to learn to fail?”

    This last sentence is they key. Why does Casey need to be 2.2 million in debt and multiple foreclosures to “learn”?

  • Casey,

    Have you started your real estate job yet? If so, have you asked for an advance so you can stop your overdraft charges?

  • To those wondering… yes Chris did pay me the 1500 for half of this month. I was able to catchup my bank account.

    Other loose thread: PrLinkBiz. I’m still waiting for her to get back to me about getting that contract voided. I’m even willing to pay for it. However, no response to my calls or emails. As if she is trying to hold me hostage with that contract. I thought she had pure intentions and just wanted to see me succeed. Oh well.


  • @ This Makes Sense

    ‘This last sentence is they key. Why does Casey need to be 2.2 million in debt and multiple foreclosures to “learn”? ‘

    That’s because Casey is stupid. Being stupid really costs us all. Its costs us a lot. Being incompetent costs us big.

    Case in point. Remember that old old old old guy that drove his car (some 1985 oldsmobile tank) through the Santa Barbara farmers market in 2003 I think. Or the 1000’s of drunk drivers who kill/injure 1000’s of people every year, or the nuclear scientist that hit the wrong button in a poorly designed reactor in 1985 at chernobyl in Russia.

    Being stupid costs society far more than you can imagine. Saying I am stupid, let me be stupid how does it bother you … that is how it bothers me and should bother everyone. That is essentially what Casey is doing here. He’s just saying I am so stupid, look at me and the 2.2 million that he’s robbed us of is the equivalent of losing a loved one to a blind driver.

  • So what is in the damn contract anyway?

  • Being stupid costs society far more than you can imagine. Saying I am stupid, let me be stupid how does it bother you … that is how it bothers me and should bother everyone. That is essentially what Casey is doing here. He’s just saying I am so stupid, look at me and the 2.2 million that he’s robbed us of is the equivalent of losing a loved one to a blind driver.

    That he “robbed” you all of $2.2 million assumes that all his properties are worthless. But let’s say it’s $700,000. At your ratio, you’re claiming that his “robbery” is equivalent to the loss of about 31.8% of a loved one.

    That’s stupid.

    But it doesn’t bug me a bit.

  • @ Free Advice

    You’re not counting the interest and the other payments he has defaulted on. They total 140,000 at his last count over a month ago. Pretty soon, that amount is going to be more than what his properties are worth. So he is going to cost the financial juggernaut the whole 2.2 million atleast on paper. But …
    Of course I realise the folly of my argument myself. He essentially bought lattes with the cash out financing he did, and essentially the money has just transfered hands from the lender to starbucks, which in turn has added to my starbucks portfolio (rough argument) the money isn’t lost, its just gone through casey’s hands into a different aspect of the economy. Hard money lender to starbucks - essentially a lateral move IMHO. Now he has played a part in new lending standards, and that is going to make it harder for every one else to buy frivolous crap as per Carleton Sheets - which is a benifit to the world at large.
    Now 31.8 of a loved one - basically the monetary value of an average person is 2.7 million as per the govt, so at 2.2 million I know I am under … in any case, I didn’t say equal to. I said equivalent to … as in it should evoke the same reaction as a drunk driver causing an accident …

  • Casey, regarding the PRLinBiz lady.

    You have to understand it from her end. That contract is worthless today, but may have great value in the future should someone want to pay to write/make your story.

    If I was her, I would not sell that contract at any price. It cost her what? A couple of burgers, one night hotel pay when you visited?

    In short, you are screwed because she has entitlements to your story if it ever comes to that. Worse case is she lost a few bucks on possible great investment.

    She is a good business person and she will not void that contract - if she does void the contract, then she’s an idiot too - but I’m betting she wont $void$ it.

  • 95. Flip You For Real
    November 27th, 2006 at 2:49 pm


    You made a lot of serious mistakes. I think you know that. Mail in the keys and hope nothing else happens, outside of the inevitable deficiency judgments and probable bankruptcy.

    You should prepare to defend yourself if need be, and the best defense is, in this case, a good offense.

    Get a mortgage broker friend to give you copies of any directions they receive regarding “liar loans.” Have a Countrywide employee secretly record what they’re told in training sessions about these loans. Get proof that they’re trained to encourage borrowers to lie.

    Go after the appraiser(s) who told the banks what those houses were “worth.” They are licensed professionals who should have done their jobs instead of looking for the easy buck. Make sure you get copies of all the appraisals, today, before they (and the realtors) have a chance to intentionally lose/destroy them.

    What about your realtor(s), who broke their “code of ethics” by not telling the banks about what you were doing? They sat right next to you at closing and watched you sign the fraudulent documents. Aiding and abetting loan fraud is not a good way to keep one’s real estate license in good standing.

    In real estate, it’s hard to act badly without help from others. Make sure they suffer as much as you.

  • 96. Flip You For Real
    November 27th, 2006 at 2:53 pm

    PS. Most states have a time period (like 72 hours) when contracts can be voided by either party. Did you contact PrLinkBiz in writing within that time period, whatever it is in Arizona?

    Make like the Titanic and start dragging others down with you. One of them may have to keep you afloat because he/she doesn’t want to sink either.

  • 97. Wait a Minute
    November 27th, 2006 at 3:13 pm

    FLip you for Real,

    You are a retard. That advice is worth less than the price of admission. The day his loans went bad ( probably 90 days) they were all turned over to the lender’s problem departments. Now they are all in with their legal departments. The ONLY fool on record admitting fraud is our boy Casey. I can imagine him pointing fingers at everyone else in a court case, while the jury laughs.

    Now think about what you told him to do. You want him to obtain again by fraud confidential and proprietary information, and possibly illegally record people.

    And finally, “Make like the Titanic and start dragging others down with you. One of them may have to keep you afloat because he/she doesn’t want to sink either. ”

    The minute he does so, watch the civil lawsuits against him start to fly.

    Go ahead Casey, take his advice and proceed with a scorched earth policy. I can’t wait.

  • Fasting…. you are fasting… right…

    Either you are complete idiot or this is fake…

    It HAS to be…

    No one can be THAT stupid

  • Casey,

    Are you working today at your new real estate job? What are your responsibilities? Why are you blogging during business hours?

  • 100. Angry_Young_Bubba
    November 27th, 2006 at 3:42 pm

    Mmmm… p*sssy… with extra “s”’s.

  • 101. Rich Dad's Son
    November 27th, 2006 at 3:49 pm

    Come on Casey; If you’re turning to crap like “The Secret” for answers, you are barking up the wrong tree… again. There is no secret, no magic bullet, and no magic genie that will lead you to happiness and success.

    You should be beyond the the Tony Robbins positive thinking stuff by now. (Besides, I think all that positive thinking might have hurt you more than it helped, but that’s just my take) Time to hunker down and do some real personal development. Check out “The Teaching Company” ( - Maybe start with some of their economics lectures and go from there. (Science, Philosophy, History etc…)

    Good luck, keep fighting, it’s not over yet!


  • 102. VMA131Marine
    November 27th, 2006 at 4:03 pm

    Casey wrote: “PrLinkBiz. I’m still waiting for her to get back to me about getting that contract voided. I’m even willing to pay for it. However, no response to my calls or emails. As if she is trying to hold me hostage with that contract. I thought she had pure intentions and just wanted to see me succeed. Oh well.”

    God forbid someone should actually hold you to a contract you signed.

    Remember, it’s not personal, it’s just business ….

  • Hey Casey, glad to hear the fast went good. Not sure that you’re aware of how much time you have left so I just wanted to post a timeline of the California Foreclosure Process

    Notice of Default (NOD) recorded with County (after a breach in the terms of the mortgage with proper 30 day notice) on Day 1

    Notice of Default and Important Notice is mailed to legal owners and others disclosed by recorded request for notice within 10 Business Days of Day 1

    Trustee Sale Guarantee (TSG) is received and reviewed; NOD is mailed to all entitles parties with interest in property; (for example subsequent owners, junior lien holders, etc.) per Section 2924 (b) (1) within 1 month

    Notice of Trustee’s sale is prepared and sent for publication 3 Months after recording date of Notice of Default

    Notice of Sale sent to IRS (if applicable) 25 days prior to Sale Date

    Publish Notice of Sale in adjudicated newspaper; must run a minimum of once a week for three consecutive weeks 20 days prior to Sale Date

    Mail Notice of Trustee’s Sale to trustor (borrowers) and all other parties to which the NOD was previously mailed as legally required 20 days prior to Sale Date

    Notice of Trustee’s Sale is recorded at County Recorder 14 days prior to Sale Date

    7 or 10 Day Bankruptcy Rule (if applicable) 10 or 7 days prior to Sale Dale

    Borrower’s Right to Reinstate Expires 5 days prior to Sale Date

    Property is SOLD to the highest bidder; or the sale is postponed to new sale date; OR property revert to foreclosing beneficiary on Sale Date

  • 104. Charlie From Ireland
    November 27th, 2006 at 4:25 pm

    Jesus Saves and therefore he borroweth not and payeth hard cash for all his deeds .

  • basically the monetary value of an average person is 2.7 million as per the govt, so at 2.2 million I know I am under … in any case, I didn’t say equal to. I said equivalent to … as in it should evoke the same reaction as a drunk driver causing an accident …

    I see. So at $2.2 million in debt, Casey’s monetary value to the government is still +$500,000.

    When his debt gets to $2.7 million, if a drunk driver then killed Casey, that would balance out even.

    And if his debt soared to $3.7 million, that drunk driver would net the economy a cool million.

  • 106. Contract is worthless
    November 27th, 2006 at 4:38 pm

    Casey dont pay her any money, her contract is useless.

    You never had a lawyer look at it for you and I dont believe you received anything of value from her.

    Just let it go, she doesnt have anything…. for the love of god dont give her any money

  • Over the course of reading this blog for a few weeks, I have become shocked by the amount of people who are capable of shamelessly self promoting the fact that they own multiple properties, have a corner office, collected 200K in the bank etc. This behavior is so nuvo rich. This is Casey’s blog. Get a life and spare us all the self validation. Personal experience is relevant in context, but most readers don’t care if you worked your way up to executive management or are a hugely successful real estate player. Our young Casey indeed has been irresponsible but it’s remarkable the amount of people who are using this as an opportunity to tell the world what a success they have been. Some restraint please!

  • Is it true what was said about prlinkbiz when the comments were unmoderated?

  • Check out this Flipping Frenzy site! Fraud is rampant.

  • I will be sharing some of my ideas in the next few weeks.

    I’m sure you will. I just wonder why you think this batch of ideas will be any better that the last several that you have tried.

    I think what’s really going on is that you don’t want to admit there is not going to be a happy ending to this chapter of the story, and are therefore either consciously or not choosing to do nothing.

    Here’s a clue: Not making a choice is also a choice. And worse, it’s a choice that puts all the power into other people’s hands. You are choosing to let events happen and then react to them, rather that taking control of your situation. My guess is that this pattern will continue until the next crisis forces you to act.

    People who invest in the stock market know that picking the right stock to buy is only half the battle. The other half is knowing when to sell. Some stubborn, foolish people will ride their picks all the way down to the bottom, because they cannot bring themselves to admit that they were wrong, cut their losses, and move on.

    Don’t be that stubborn stock picker.

  • Man, don’t give prlinkbiz any money. You’re not worth anything right now and have no value. Let her sue, because she’ll get nothing when you have no assets. Nobody who is of sound mind goes after a pauper.

    You also signed the contract when you weren’t in a sound state of mind and were looking to get saved. That contract is void and your blog is proof that you weren’t in a sound state of mind.

    Please don’t give her any money, or any publicity. If anything, make a web page detailing why this person is a crook so future business endeavours of hers flop when potential business partners want to look up her character. No one looks positively upon someone who takes advantage of someone else in a negative situation. As long as your web page about her tells the truth, then you are in the clear.

  • @Casey: “Other loose thread: PrLinkBiz. I’m still waiting for her to get back to me about getting that contract voided.”

    You rescinded this contract immediately, verbally, and she has even acknowledged this on her blog. Also, you apparently did not receive any specific payment for signing the contract. And you have also rescinded it in writing by email. So no problemo, buddy, you’re cool, don’t worry any more about it, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on (and she knows it)!

  • Quote Casey - “Other loose thread: PrLinkBiz. I’m still waiting for her to get back to me about getting that contract voided. I’m even willing to pay for it. However, no response to my calls or emails. As if she is trying to hold me hostage with that contract. I thought she had pure intentions and just wanted to see me succeed. Oh well.”

    It amazes me how thick you are.

    Casey you signed a contract and two seconds later you screwed her over. How “pure” were your intentions?

    Maybe if you can get your chakras in alignment you might be able to convince her to void the deal. If not that, try coffee enemas, I hear they are good at stopping evil foreclosures. What type of incense are you burning? That’s also crucial, I would recommend lemon grass and musk.

  • This blog is very interesting. I read lots of news and blogs, trying to get perspective on various issues which I don’t experience directly. I find it very difficult to believe this particular blog is for real. It sets off my bullsh*t detector. I’ve been reading it about a month, and it just seems made up - but it’s fascinating.

    If the story presented here is true, there’s only one way out. Bankruptcy. The end.

    I’ve been at rock-bottom before. I had a very bad experience, and I couldn’t handle working for about three years. I was just too messed up. I cashed out about $70K in credit card advances, waited a year, and declared bankruptcy without ever making a payment. This was under the old law. I lived from this cash, stored in a fireproof box, for three years, then I got back on my feet, rebuilt credit, and moved on. I tell you this so you know I don’t judge you - I committed a criminal act to support myself. Your fraud is bigger than mine, but I never got in legal trouble. You may also escape prosecution.

    You do need to deal with this, if any of the story is real, by declaring bankruptcy as soon as possible. It’s the only way. Your income has been so low over the last year, you’ll probably qualify for a 7 even under the new bankruptcy law. Do it.

  • These are silly comments, typical of the idiots Casey seems to be getting his advice from”

    “Casey dont pay her any money, her contract is useless.

    You never had a lawyer look at it for you and I dont believe you received anything of value from her.”

    First, lawyers are _advisable_ for contracts, but are not necessary. If Casey signed a contract, it is likely enforceable.

    Second, someone mentined a period to have second thoughts about a contract. This is true for certain kinds of purchases, where Big Brother has decided to protect idiots from “buyer’s remorse,” but this is almost never the case for non-consumer contracts. Contracts are contracts, and are enforceable.

    Third, Casey still refuses to say what was in the contract with PRLINKBIZ, No Limits Ladies, Kiyosaki Investment Enterprises, Inc., whatever.

    Fourth, if Casey offered to exchange rights to his story in exchange for what PRLINKBIZ et. al. offered him, then, yes, this contract is enforceable.

    Fifth, probably. That is, a court battle will iikely determine the eventual enforceability. But if the contract involves Casey’s story, and Casey tries to sell it, then the very threat of this court battle will mean PRLINKBIZ have something of value.

    Sixth, Casey talks about “holding him hostage.” Contracts are contracts, entered into by consenting adults. For Casey to try to void a contract by muttering about “I thought PRLINKBIZ was trying to help me” is reprehensible.

    Seventh, once again Casey shows he has delusional ideas about the nature of economics, business, contracts, and trust. Contracts are not about “trying to help me,” they are what they are, contracts.

    It was up to Casey to look out for his own interests before signing a contract.

    This would all be a lot simpler to analyze if Casey told us what is in the contract.


  • give it up guys…trying to reason with Free advice is like trying to reason with matter what you say or how good a case you make, they will ignore you and continue to think and do whatever they want. Free advice is notorious for misinterpreting people’s comments on this blog, her favorite line is ‘ so what you are saying is’ (and then proceeds to take that person’s comments completely out of context, see above posts)which is why I suspect she is either a paralegal or a lawyer wannabe. I’m suspecting the former, hence her name.

  • 117. Charles_Martel
    November 27th, 2006 at 11:07 pm


    In an earlier post you mention that you owned a condo when you were 19 years old. A quick peek at Sacramento County Records shows a few other transactions for “Casey Serin.”

    How many houses have you owned in total?

    Delighted your fast was a success. May I suggest a celebratory brunch featuring some delicious Farmer John Maple Bacon?

  • […] In the latest installment of Casey’s wacky adventures he announced that he is going to be fasting. From his blog: […]

  • Hi Casey,

    Glad things are going well and that the flipping is still under way. There are many millions left to be made, and we entrepreneurs need to stick together.

    Also wanted to make sure that everyone knew that my new online series Flipper Nation is now available on iTunes. We are also in the running for the Yahoo! Talent Show, so give us a vote if you’re so inclined. Hey, even Tom Green thought we were good and he’s a flippin’ genius.

    Keep up the good work,


  • The whole point of a fast is to get to the light-headed and weak phase. The benefits only come after that point.

    Fasting, brainstorming, connecting with your “Maker” is a great idea … *after* you’ve been foreclosed on, bankrupted, jailed, or whatever ultimately comes of this, and you have the TIME to waste. Do you realize how tight of a jam you’re in now? Creative thinking won’t help you. It can’t.

    Honestly, it all just sounds like another avoidance technique. 12 or 24 hours of motivational crap is 12 or 24 hours of not thinking about the massive bulldozer inevitably bearing down on you. I’m sure that’s more comfortable, but is it wise? Do you really think you can motivate your way out of this? Please tell me you’re smarter than that.

    Do the things you need to do and quit wasting time and energy.

  • 121. Casey Seringe
    November 28th, 2006 at 3:05 am

    I’ll repeat myself since you moderated my previous comments.

    A fast is worthless in your situation.
    No god can help you. Only people who can help you are judges and lawyers.
    Do not call yourself a businessman of any sort; you disgust me when you do. Losing money is easy and far from being an entrepreneur. You are not an investor. You have lost money up to this point, so in essence, you are a loser.

    I’m also in the process of contacting the proper authorities concerning your fraud. I imagine you will receive a notice soon regarding your future (or lack thereof).

  • @ Free Advice

    OK what part of equivalent do you not understand ??? I have a car that has a value equivalent to 1000 bucks. Till I sell it its not 1000 bucks, and even then its not equal to 1000 bucks it was only what it was sold for. The car was the cash equivalent of 1000.

    2.7 million is the average number used when the gvernment calculates cost of doing somehting vs the number of lives it will save. Its as always based on assumptions and a lot of hypotheticals. Needless to say, at 2.7 mill you have a 100 likes saved potentially, it adds up fast.

    Now for the drunk driver wiping out casey - I’d like to see where that goes … but before casey did all of this, if the drunk had wiped him out, then that would have been totally worth it. Now that its all done, its a lose lose either way.

    My point is exactly that he’s used his stupidity as a weapon against us. Just like the old dude used his blindness against the people in the market. OK fine - we should all feel like he used his stupidity to cause us 2.2 million worth of property damage. Crossing over to killing people might have been a bit tenous. But say we all have our favorite material possession be it a car, a motorcycle, a computer or a refridgerator or that bottle of 1972 chateau brio (for example) … and Casey came to our houses and broke it all cos he thought it was a empty beer bottle lets say …
    Now does his stupidity hurt others ??? - You betcha …

  • OK what part of equivalent do you not understand ??? I have a car that has a value equivalent to 1000 bucks. Till I sell it its not 1000 bucks, and even then its not equal to 1000 bucks it was only what it was sold for. The car was the cash equivalent of 1000.

    My point is exactly that he’s used his stupidity as a weapon against us.

    Based on your logic, everyone is stupid. After all, if I give you $1,000 for your car, I think you’re an idiot. I’d much rather have the car than the $1,000. And you think I’m a moron. You’d much rather have the $1,000 than the car. Who knows? I could be a total imbecile because you might have been willing to take $800.

    If everyone is stupid, then I don’t see how anyone’s specific stupidity hurts the overall economy than anyone else’s.

  • Free advice is notorious for misinterpreting people’s comments on this blog

    Rancid is notorious for using terms such as “dog” and “scum” to describe Casey, but I have to say her analogies are rather entertaining.

    She’s evidently quite angry. Maybe she’s one of Casey’s lenders!

  • 125. Trouble Brewing
    November 28th, 2006 at 12:00 pm

    Please listen to Jessica. She has clearly written out what you need to do. All this churning is not helping you. Cut the loans loose, and declare bankruptcy. All banks have contingencies, and overhead built into their loans for idiots like yourself. The banks make lots of money. Just go and read Wells Fargo or BofA’s annual income statement.

    You need to live a cash existence, and start earning money.

  • Casey,

    Whatever you are smoking, I want some! That’s some pretty powerful and potent stuff you have there man.

  • 127. Stephanie J.
    November 28th, 2006 at 5:38 pm

    “…not getting out of my foreclosure mess fast enough and not moving forward toward my dreams/goals.”

    I think your dreams and goals need to be put on hold right now, and you should be concentrating on the ‘getting out of this mess’ bit first…

  • In the latest installment of Casey’s wacky adventures he announced that he is going to be fasting. From his blog: I feel scattered. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels - not getting out of my foreclosure mess fast enough and not moving forward toward my dreams/goals. To facilitate focus and direction I will be doing a first-ever “Facing

  • From an earlier poster, Rodent:
    “You also signed the contract when you weren’t in a sound state of mind and were looking to GET SAVED. ”

    Look familiar? This is part of the title of Casey’s blog!
    NO one says “get/getting saved” unless they are talking about souls!

    Does anyone else believe that Casey is posting under several different names?

    Do not click on any of the adverts on this idiotic blog.


  • 130. Ramit- Casey's high school friend
    November 28th, 2006 at 7:51 pm

    “Here’s an old acquaintance who I haven’t heard from in years, and he pitches me the shadiest-sounding financial “opportunity” I’ve ever heard of. “Fixed 24% interest on your money - reliable returns”? Oh really? Give me a break. “…..

    Now this really made me mad. Casey had tried to sucker people into a scam real-estate deal less than a week before he admitted he was going through foreclosure. I was fortunate enough to recognize his pitch as bullshit, but what if someone had gotten conned into it?

    The rest of the story:

  • “You also signed the contract when you weren’t in a sound state of mind and were looking to get saved.”

    -One of Casey’s alter-egos, Rancid

    Hmmmm…where have we seen this before? Oh yeah…right outta the mouth of Casey. Look at the subtitle of his blog!
    Who says…”get saved”. Casey

    Somehow this post magically disappeared earlier!


  • […] If you want to read something REALLY uncomfortable, stop by Casey’s blog and read about his current situation and thinking.Ever see the movie Titanic? You loved it, even though you knew the ending. Kid is going to file for bankruptcy eventually, and probably do some jail time. Just doesn’t know it yet. I actually like the kid personally, just another Trump/NAR/REIC/Sheets victim, albeit a co-conspirator and responsible for his own actions, but it’s all just so sad and predictable in the end.Borrow 50 Grand to Stop Foreclosure and Sell My Houses CreativelyThis is one of the burning thoughts that I came up with during the facing foreclosure fast: I really want to sell all those houses ASAP and stop foreclosure!I’m sick and tired of having all this non-performing inventory continue dragging me down for so long. I need to be moving forward towards my goals of becoming a successful real estate investor. […]

  • […] Steve Pavlina decided to shut off comments to his blog and makes a good case for disabling comments on the Blog Comments post.  Casey Serin experimented with turning off moderation on his blog and got bombarded with nasty, inappropriate comments.  He had to delete 162 of them!  See his first comment in the 24hr-Facing Foreclose Fast post.  Not to mention having to deal with spam.  Is it worth going through all this trouble? […]

  • […] close One of the key decisions every blogger needs to make is whether to keep the comments functionality open or disabled.  I can see pros and cons in either approach.  It is nice to build a sense of community in your blog and allow people to make comments.  Well thought out comments add real value to a blog.  But moderating comments and responding takes time away from writing quality content that could be of higher value to readers.  Should bloggers allow comments?  What do you think? Steve Pavlina decided to shut off comments to his blog and makes a good case for disabling comments on the Blog Comments post.  Casey Serin experimented with turning off moderation on his blog and got bombarded with nasty, inappropriate comments.  He had to delete 162 of them!  See his first comment in the 24hr-Facing Foreclose Fast post.  Not to mention having to deal with spam.  Is it worth going through all this trouble? The power of the internet is that you can reach millions of people with your message, but you have to be open to disagreements and criticisms. That comes with the territory, and it is fine with me.  But when you have to sort through hundreds of comments and delete them because they contain profanity or other inappropriate content as Casey experienced, isn’t that a waste of time? My initial thought on this was that I would request users to login before they were allowed to leave comments.  The idea behind this policy is that people who are regular visitors and want to make well thought out comments probably wouldn’t mind signing in.  It is similar to Steve Pavlina’s rationale for having people register in his newest solution for comments: a forum.  In the post Forums Off to a Strong Start Steve describes well this thought process:  “The forums require a one-time free registration to be able to post, which shouldn’t discourage long-term visitors who really want to discuss these topics, but which should be just enough to deter most drive-by trolls.” I have received several emails about this policy and some people have complained about having to login.  Some just sent me the comments via email and asked me to post them, which I have done so far.  I am still experimenting with what works best for this site, and I feel at this point in time that the site would gain from having more comments and user interaction.  Therefore, I have decided to remove the requirement to login in order to place a comment for now.  You still need to enter a name and email address, but that is it. Since you don’t even have to login now, please leave a comment with your thoughts on this subject.  This seems to be an interesting dilemma that every blogger must deal with.    close […]

  • I wonder how much money your site generates.